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Bird’s nest

View of street through window from second floor of coffee shop
[i] Nostalgic

People watching from my favourite perch. I wish you a great week ahead, wherever you are.


View of street through window from second floor of coffee shop toy camera filter
[ii] Toy camera (obscura)

After a  long day of connecting with people, I often decompress before heading home, by connecting with more people. How about that?

I was at work this weekend, so Monday will be my holiday, the same as my American friends. My plan is to sleep off a mild cold with Inside Story (Australia) episodes on autoplay in the background. May you have a restful Labour Day.

Best wishes x SB



[i]  Closed for breakfast.

[ii] Closed for lunch.

Closed doors tell me that if I turn around, I can start over right there.
 x SB



 [i] Bump

It’s always a pleasure to enjoy the stillness and reflect. I find that simple things fill my life with wonder.

[ii] Wall

[iii] Sidewalk


[iv] Notes

After yesterday’s bruhaha, this post needs notes. This is a soft, elusive and graceful bump of concrete protruding from a wall. It was mesmerising, and photographing it was a welcome meditation. Until… I looked up and noticed that a small group of tourists had taken seats on the sidewalk across the street to silently cheer me on.