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Agent Z

Her feet caress the warm concrete. A big toe inches towards the edge. Forty storeys above ground, I wish this size zero prop would take the risk for certain depth. That’s the kind of woman I would want for myself.

She reaches her arm behind and he nudges it into position. With a camera, her boyfriend zeroes in on her back: no tripod, both hands. Tensing her body, angling to one side, the woman makes herself narrow, and the capture is tight. She is not wearing a harness. If she tumbles now, the world will say her boyfriend is to blame. It could be my bad mind but I wonder if accident insurance would pay him the benefits.

I shake my head and think. Her boyfriend must have asked her to commit to chewing rocket leaves on three-salad weekdays. Someone might have advised her to chomp down and wait a bit. It’s not done to demand a diamond at the age of twenty-six. This globe-trotting team is cloying. I’ve seen them in the news. I go back to surveilling the sidewalk. I worry the woman will land on top of my target and nullify my commission. Either way, I complete this assignment today.  


Images: “Sniper scope” by KarateBrot via Video Copilot. The Follow Me to: Series via Instagram/Pixel Pluck.