Earth Mars

Section Three: Future Perfect

February 1 ‐ March 13

“Like all Explorers, we are drawn to discover what’s out there without knowing yet if we have the courage to face it.”
Pema Chödrön, Buddhist nun, teacher, author and mother

Section Three of this installation flows above this header. The stories serve to test your notions of reality. Some conversation scripts are pure fiction, while others contain non fiction elements.

This is the third section of a fiction as art as fiction installation. It is presented in three sections: Ancient Past (all line up under the tag), Present Day (click to the bottom right of your screen to move up through the stories marked fiction) and now Future Perfect.

Lilibeth was introduced in Strip Minecraft. Her paternal ancestorStefán, was introduced in Section One. She’s inherited his gift, but it won’t help her do her job this time. You will meet her on February 18. Some scripts after Lilibeth appears are not safe for work, language wise. If you’re under eighteen, ask your favourite uncle to read those posts first.

Future Perfect started with a flashback to one year ago, and three adorable children on Red Star. This presentation introduces information that is essential to the final story, on March 13.

Back to the present day on Blue Star, we see a crisis situation unknown to the grown up players involved. The setup to that crisis was presented in one of the first posts of the previous section. Suction puts the Unknown Phenomenon in perspective.

Before that, we flashed back one year earlier to Red Star for an at home presentation by Ki’s cousins, Si and Gi. Presently, the stories February 13 and Sooner than at once will set up an interplanetary crisis situation.

Locker is in his promised new job, and tells off a pair of pampered beaurocrats. Later, a motley crew of two actors, the publicists Marcus and Storm and the not safe for work Lilibeth scramble to hold off a Martian invasion. She asks the famous actor, St Lucas to pull a public relations rabbit out of a hat. Before he visits Marcus and Storm, the disaster in the Gobi has somehow leaked into the public domain.

With three stories to go the multi pronged campaign is successful. Everyone is playing their part without knowing the full story. As it should be. The Martian armada has already arrived and scout teams are searching everywhere. On March 11, a showdown between Lilibeth and a government goon sees a win win resolution in favour of Peace on Earth. Every story has a happy ending and the reunion on March 13 will be warm, Martian style. Come back in the aftermath for an Easter Egg, because it’s that season.

Your warm support, courage and trust so far are much appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.