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How to be rich by Hurricane Nisto (Beta)

Temporary cover for novel "How to be rich by Hurricane Nisto", a novel by Lil Nicole

Happy Monday. I’m totally wiped out after going on a full grind with writing this story. I have published updates on my progress with writing. And I will now invite you to read the beta draft in Google Docs. As of the date of this post, the final part is not complete but the end is there, and so is the beginning.

Read Beta: How to be rich by Hurricane Nisto (Scroll down for the summary)

As I was writing, I faced many roadblocks. At times, the protagonist had nowhere to go and nothing to do. But that was the point of the story. I wanted to follow a character with low aspirations and watch her move through life in a reactive way. Often, a bright idea would end up a logical failure. Then, it occurred to me that I could write all of these issues as her experiences.

Another highlight was that I wrote the entire manuscript on two smartphones. It was tight, but editing on small screens helped me focus on what happened. At almost 40,000 words, this is going to be a novella, but this is the story I want to tell.

On Sunday, four artist friends of mine volunteered to be written into scenes. So, as you read the beta version, real artist names will appear. It was fun doing a live edit while discussing their roles.

On a different note, I should point out that I haven’t published my second novel, Maitheland, and the most diplomatic response I have right now is that it will be published when I am ready.

Thank you for supporting me this far. Good luck out there.


Story Summary

After an incident at her secure government job in Oslo, Hurricane Nisto finds herself shipped off to Skartøya, a desolate wedge of an island in Antarctica. She is tasked with taking care of a cutting-edge habitat and supervising a weather outpost. 

Hurricane struggles to adjust to her new situation but through her memory and imagination, works to render a new version of herself. Lonely and often lost, she strives to find harmony with her surroundings. She eventually finds comfort in promising creative projects. But soon enough, she finds herself drawn into a battle of wills in order to eject an unwelcome guest from the habitat. 

She learns some harsh life lessons and through a force of will, finds the strength to stand up for herself and push back. As she does, she discovers a warmth in her own heart that she never knew existed. 

She may have been sent to Antarctica as a punishment, but in the end, finds herself promoted to a life of independence and self-discovery. Hurricane Nisto is a late bloomer and her story will inspire anyone who has ever felt trapped or held back by their own circumstances.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

6 replies on “How to be rich by Hurricane Nisto (Beta)”

“I wanted to follow a character with low aspirations and watch her move through life in a reactive way.” Whaaaaaa?? You wrote a story about me?? I’m flattered! All joking aside, I’ll definitely have to try to find some time to check out your story. That’s crazy to write that much on a smartphone! I can’t even text people for very long.


Hello and thank you so much. She finds out she’s a strong woman in the end, and her sense of purpose shines through.

Writing on a mobile phone was the only I could work consistently every day, doing a little st a time. I wrote scenes or parts of scenes in the notes app first.


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