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Writers’ Lift: AI integration in Google Workspace

Some exciting news was announced yesterday about generative AI integration in Google Workspace. Most of you might already be familiar with this paid set of apps used to manage a business. We already have access to a free version of the apps through our Google accounts. The workspace suite allows more functionality and comes with pricing options.

Dear Lord, let it be cheap. What I’m truly excited about is the prospect of having AI tools to help me research my writing projects. My second book is already finished and is waiting to be published. The plot itself was simple, and the story timeline was relatively uncomplicated. However, I needed to take the entire 2022 off to battle the great zombie apocalypse at work.

And even though it was challenging, I managed to get my writing done and produce two musical albums to go with the story. For this second novel, what was especially challenging was the research. In my Google Docs, I have a small book’s worth of research on the story. Of course, I love inventing new place names and designing interiors. I also have a wiki about the rules of interactions and laws of the fictional country in which the story is situated. It was also relatively straightforward to design a wave-powered yacht which has a floating indoor farm. But that wasn’t the most challenging part of the research.

This is a romantic story, which is not in my wheelhouse. In order for the story to work I needed a convincing pathogen, a test for that pathogen, and a treatment. Then I also needed a bunch of legal proceedings to distract my protagonist from his love interest. In other words, I had to leave the actual dialogue and chase rabbits down rabbit holes. One particular rabbit hole from which I recently got sprung was in YouTube.

I was fully immersed in some pop culture commentary. One of my protagonists is obsessed with social media. She knows what celebrities have for breakfast, but she thinks she’s better than they are because she doesn’t post countless photos of herself online. I needed to know how she spun her thoughts in her private moments, and I wanted to know what ticked her off. She was pretty irritated for most of the story, and she was using social media as a distraction from what was really bothering her.

I’m not writing about myself, I’m writing about a character. And I might have broken my brain. While I’m rehabilitating, I am creating a plan for how I’ll use the AI tools embedded in Google Docs to write about a much more complex character, Hurricane Nisto, in my third novel. It would be nice to fully flesh out her “voice” using the rules I created in the treatment for the story.

I had a plan to run off to Antarctica to write that story (already started) because that’s where everything happens. But I’m hoping I will be able to access the AI integrated suite for a very affordable price by the time I’m ready to continue working on it. I might not have to travel at all.

Thank you for reading. I’m more than happy to hear about the projects that you’re working on. I have been trying to find your blogs but not sure if I’m meant to comment or not. Please let me know how I can support you. If you find some of my comments in your spam folders, please be kind enough to fish them out for me. Best wishes.


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13 replies on “Writers’ Lift: AI integration in Google Workspace”

Thanks to recent advancements made with AI, I never need to speak to another human again! Lol.

I’ve begun integrating Stable Diffusion and into my creative process, and they’re enormously fun to work with. Right now, AI memory space is a huge limiting factor, but I’m very much looking forward to how this technology progresses.

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Please talk to some humans 😭 or you’re going to win the introvert prize for this year.

In Japan the mask mandates have been dropped which means that I can go back to wearing oversized sunglasses whenever I go outside. Yay!

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Ha, chatting with AI is a step up for me. 🤪 My childhood dream was to end up as an eccentric recluse, lol. (I do have a family, so I’m not completely hopeless – I get dragged out of the house occasionally)

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Yes! AI is a ‘Game Changer’ for sure.
I’m using it to help me create a Membership Class on colouring my Children’s Book illustrations. It’s not only giving me a setup of classes but themes, everything.
Look forward to reading your ‘Soon to be published book’ and what’s going to be happening in the Antarctica!

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Thanks Patrice. That update was much appreciated. I’m so happy to learn that you’re getting a nice structure out of the machine learning software. It really saves time and helps you focus on your creative projects. I hope more of us will be able to complete our projects because we can smoothly go over the preparation speedbumps.

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