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Fantasy Waltz: Midweek Serenade

Happy Wednesday on Thursday, everyone. I am being sneaky here, and presenting you with a musical interlude from my upcoming musical album. The ninth track is still being composed but I wanted to share this one with you.

I have decided to use Vimeo for sharing this album. It’s so quiet over on Vimeo because there are no ads interrupting my flow and messing with my mojo. I never have to worry about some rando screaming at me in every language to give him my life savings.

The video was created on Canva with one of my logo images as the backdrop. Hope you like the joyful feeling you get when listening to this track.

Thank you for listening.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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I don’t know anything about music theory so I can’t really offer useful insight, but I enjoyed the music and listened with my headphones. I don’t know if you did it intentionally but the rhythm has a certain calming and regulating effect on the breath. Or at least mine anyway. I get wound up easily and my heart pounds but this music slowed it down somehow. I hope someday to hear a complete album.

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Thanks for this, Hetty. You are correct, that the music was composed with the intention of creating a calming effect on the listener.

My co-composer and arranger is a master at his craft, and we were able to answer the tough questions through the presentation so that listeners would only need to relax and enjoy.

We are still composing the ninth song, and that will take time because it is the capstone. Then we smooth out the edges of the entire suite before releasing everything.

Your support is much appreciated.


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