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Scrum Mastered

Scrum for creative focus

Are your goals clearly defined? Your next step is to collaborate with likeminded individuals. Work with practical, updated information. Record results and refine your process as you go. To master the practice of scrum, recognise when it is necessary to regroup and realign. Then do it.

Screen caps from the desktop version

The first iteration of this installation was a mass of crawling text that broke WordPress. Yay! But after it broke my phone’s browser, I decided to update this post with a collage of screen caps from Reader and the main site.

Glitched text on main page and in Reader.

Thankfully, I had saved the screen caps for the tweet design below, so it was easy to make another pass with the two typography posters. I hope you enjoy them.

It’s art and it is business


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

8 replies on “Scrum Mastered”

Leenda thanks so much for commenting. The principle has been useful for me because I’m using social media to promote my business. Purpose and accountability are how I can use social media and protect my mental health.

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Thanks for viewing this installation directly on the website. I used blue for contrast. In reader it is medium grey. Scrum has a lot of meanings and the subtext for this particular regrouping is context-heavy. It is literally buried under the layers of text.

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Ohhhhhhhhh I have to read this post again. When I looked at it first in both the Reader and your actual website, all I saw was a long blue box like a brush stroke and nothing else, not even text.

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