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Be good to yourself

Retro style green and brown poster which says be good to yourself
Be good to yourself

I am still broadening my horizons and yesterday, my list came to the rescue again, thank goodness. The project in question started with an idea: “Make a super short film with one actor, in a single frame, with minimal monologue.”

The first attempt at production was binned due to technical issues. There was a recast but the second attempt got scrambled during two separate uploads to a cloud server. C’est la guerre.

Have a weekend of tranquility

Once upon a time, I would point my iPad camera at something, press record, and an interesting short film would pop out. Now that I am trying to show you something, I find myself living a scene from The Truman Show.

What confirmed this to me was that this evening, a UK-based filmmaker offered me producer credits on his two upcoming films. Have you seen The Truman Show? This is that scene in the bank.

Enjoy a beverage and a great book,
hopefully, one you’ve written

Presently, an actor is filming a different mini micro super short story that I wrote. If we both like it, I will share it here.

They say that if you start nothing, there will be nothing. However, I have proven, over the past three months, that even with strong will and a positive attitude, this outcome can happen anyway.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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I have seen the Truman Show, it’s actually one of my favourite films so I’m so happy that you’re a fan too. That was a perfect refference to make, wow I’m so sorry that there were so many challenges in your path when it came to recording your film.

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Thanks so much. I am still working on it. And when it’s published I’m going to put it here on my blog. Thanks so much for the supportive words. See you around soon.

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I am having a good weekend because my boss was off today so it feels like I didn’t even work 😁.

I don’t think you come up with nothing. Even if we don’t like our output on a given day, just keeping the chain going can be enough to tide us over until the right moment arrives, the moment that won’t actually arrive unless we had been keeping it up every day anyway.

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Hello, how nice that you’ve had no-work-feeling work day. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

You are correct about keeping the chain going. The keep at-it-tude is draining but works out in the end if one is patient and flexible. Have a great Saturday evening.


Happy Weekend to you! I haven’t been very productive as of late – I’ve been escaping in the land of books in hopes that it will light an inspirational fire under my rump. Your posts are motivating me, too.

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So glad to hear that you are absorbed in your favourite hobby. And why not soak up as much as you can while you’re there. When she emerges from the cocoon, no one will be able to stop the Alien Scribe Queen.

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