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Shine, everywhere

Shine everywhere and light the way for others to follow.
Super omnia luceat …

Happy Sunday, everyone. I wish you a great week ahead. You must be exhausted, I am sure, based on what I’m (not) seeing in my Reader. It is truly exhausting living on planet Earth.

This Saturday, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had to sit by herself in a pew in church to mourn her late husband as Londoners moshed together to have brunch outdoors. This happened because leaders are not paying attention to what they legislate.

And even though receipts were produced, they got away with it because there is a section of society which is living in a fantasy. They believe that they are making a difference when they are not. It’s no wonder things are so lopsided.

Omnia luceat pro lumine sequi. Glitch text effect on poster, with minimalist Latin phrase.
…pro lumine sequi

A few days ago, I was forced to explain to a reader that I had things to do offline. It is common sense that when people publish creative work on their blogs, they didn’t cough it up from an alternate universe like that alien cat from the Captain Marvel film.

And why not live a real life offline? It’s fun out here, too. Last week, though I had a severe flareup of plantar’s fasciitis, I hobbled around at work and then took my daily hikes. I loved the fresh air. Turns out, the exercise took away the pain.

Omnia luceat pro lumine sequi. Glitch text effect on poster, with minimalist Latin phrase.
Monochrome glitch

What else? There aren’t any bots out here. My neighbours are real and so are their pets. What were my stats for this week? They were appallingly bad. And though there was no app to review the weather, or the warm smiles, compliments, and greetings I received everywhere I went, I managed to have a good week.

Maybe we are too accustomed to fake feedback in this plastic universe. Imagine what would happen if we stopped caring about that.

Rant Roll – On blogging, instead of repeating myself:

Viral Harsh Realities – Complaining about being popular.

Art of the Force – Gratitude shapes decorum.

Notes 4/3 – Testing bloggers’ response times to comments.

Hygiene – Professional behaviour as a blogger.

Notes 5/3 – Paying attention to how we present our work.

No Views – Grounding expectations in reality.

Posters: Retro style minimalist typography with glitch effects. Latin text, “Super omnia luceat pro lumine sequi” (Shine your light everywhere and illuminate the path for others who follow) is based on my poem Dominae Sol Serenat Omnia.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

31 replies on “Shine, everywhere”

Right? it’s the basics we always forget. We would rather chase the wind, so it was nice to read such words and realize that it’s not all lost. There are people like you who live by these standards. Very refreshing!

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Although the “offline” world is frequently scary, it still contains so much love and beauty… Especially at this time of the year, when Spring is popping up and pinking the tip of every bough… I think I might have to go take a roll in the grass with the dog now… 😉 Wishing you a good weekend 🙂


That sounds like a fun activity. Big round of applause for taking in the lovely day and rolling around on the grass with the dog. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 That’s exactly as it should be. Thank you for the warm words. Wishing you a great weekend as well.

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Nice work, Art!!! No plastic plants for us. I’m also happy for sunny weather today. After spending too much time indoors last year, I want to stand outside all day. Big hugs for the week ahead.

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No it’s not a new client, Harsh. This particular frustration was blog related. I sometimes forget how superficial the rest of the world can be. It is a struggle to always keep up appearances. And I’m rebelling against that a little bit.

As for work, I am grateful that I have a team to chat with customers so I don’t have to worry about anything except creating beautiful products.

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I noticed it’s been quiet. Yet I am having a hard time keeping up anyway. “IRL,” as it was called in the good old AOL instant messenger days, is certainly draining on one’s time which could be better put to use online. It’s nice to read your post. I too am a fellow plantar fasciitis sufferer (for lack of a better term) so I know it’s hard when it flares up. Good on you for forging ahead anyway to do what you want.

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Thanks so much for this Hetty. I know how draining your IRL is. And that’s because you have a focus there.

Plantar’s: it so difficult to explain this thing. Had heard the term but didn’t realise it was happening to me. I’ve always been into fitness and last year the lockdown slowed me down a lot. That was when mine started even though I eat magnesium rich foods, and take high doses of vitamin C. Kinesiology muscle tape is part of my wardrobe.

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Thanks for stopping by to comment. It should be enough to let your art speak. You’re an artist and that is an accomplishment.

At times, people fail to notice what is put in front of them and instead look at the periphery for ridiculous and unimportant bits of information which say nothing really.

We should let each other get on with what we’re doing and continue being ourselves. It’s not hard.

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They’re everywhere. You could try hosting a K pop dance-off and give away free food and drinks. I’m sure there is a budget for a “community building project” somewhere. Good luck. 🤍

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