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Keep on trying (Dior GIF bag flex)

Glitched photo of Dior gift bag with a gift, inside a cardboard box with a paper hand
Glitched Dior gift bags with gift

The dry paper hand is back with two small GIFs I made for you today. I am very happy because I welcomed my nephew over the weekend. It was also my birthday so the gif(t) bags are not random.

I find the TV scroll below oddly relaxing. It is also a great throwback to the good old days when people sat in front of square boxes. I hope you enjoy playing on Photo Mosh. I really enjoyed creating this installation.

Glitch television effect with Dior gift bag inside a cardboard box
Glitched TV

On Sunday, I was experimenting with some design ideas and on Monday, I wondered what would happen if I glitched out some images. The software is stable but the file sizes are about 20MB for the GIFs. It’s necessary to compress them. The “Glitched TV” above is 7MB and “Warped thinking”, below, was shrunk to 10MB.

Glitch screen effect with Dior gift bag inside a cardboard box.
Warped thinking

You will not get uniform results for every single kind of image. And though the video files are super heavy, the software I used doesn’t render jpg images large enough to print on a 16″ x 24″ poster. I need a workaround.

Dior gift bag moshed
Moshed on fleek

Hope you enjoyed the bursts of colour and the weird lines as much as I do.

Updated and edited: 2021.04.08. Thank you for viewing.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Since you mentioned to have trouble with photomosh limitations you should check out krita for hi-res and for resolution independent artworks this tool.


Thanks for the suggestion, fotoroto. I actually create GIFs and glitch images at the moment. I will check out Krita, and if my firewall doesn’t destroy the app, I will give it a try.

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I’m glad if you can appreciate Free Open-Source Software tools like that. WebP is another file format that can store animations. It’s much more flexible and you can take advantage of 32bit RGBA without 8-bit dithering while file size is smaller.

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It was much better than last year’s! You too, dear. I loved your “Formula (writing) is for babies” post. I wasn’t able to comment on it so I’m telling you here. 😉 I was JUST thinking about how sick I am of seeing those kinds of articles, and another friend of mine is paying to do some course with a fancy name that a chick on Instagram created. Write on, sister.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I was invited to join the beta test group for that AI writing software. We are allowed to develop software applications without charge for the time being. I am sure someone will find a way to do something weird.

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Thank you so much, Jonathan. It’s lovely to have you. It’s been awhile since I’ve caught up with your blog. And it was a pleasure of course to see your lovely work. Hope to see you again soon.

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Hello, and thanks for your lovely suggestion. I turn off comments on posts older than 300 days. I manage my comments like this to keep the conversation moving forward and to discourage unkind people from spoiling my hard work. I appreciate your wonderful suggestions for maintaining engagement.

I’m swamped with work offline at the moment, with a full-time job, and running a startup. I have only an hour a day to stare at a screen. As to engagement, even with a 4-year hiatus, I have 15,254 comments on my blog based on my hard work with starting and continuing conversations.

I consider my regular visitors friends, and have made meaningful connections with them outside of my blog. Thank you for visiting my archives. I am very happy to have you here.

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Hello Poorvi. I’m glad you like them. You can download them if you like. I compressed the GIFs so the file sizes are not so big. As long as you don’t upload them to Giphy it should be fine.

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I’m proud of you that you take the (incorrect) naysayers in stride and keep doing the creative things you want to do. A lot of people (myself) tuck their tail and walk away when someone gives a funny look, let alone criticism.

On another note: 😳😳 really glad I took my meds today

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Ok, after I recovered from the GIF’s, I reread your post and think that is so cool that the good guy used your art (if I’m understanding correctly)! I believe a lot more cool things will emanate from what you’re creating everywhere.

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I do apologise for any negative reaction to the weird effects. Yes, my artwork from the test phase is going to be used. We are in talks to produce original work. So I’d better get painting.

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Ha ha ha. Thanks, Hetty. Very glad you are taking good care of yourself. These professionals get away with doing a so-so job because of emotional thinking. I might be an expert at being advised to “stop”, only to have things work out in the end.

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Thank you, Art. It’s also good business to provide free samples to a prospective client. Creative people are allowed to be ambitious and also enjoy drafting projects. The “business model” of misery and pain has got to go.


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