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Shine, everywhere

Shine everywhere and light the way for others to follow.
Super omnia luceat …

Happy Sunday, everyone. I wish you a great week ahead. You must be exhausted, I am sure, based on what I’m (not) seeing in my Reader. It is truly exhausting living on planet Earth.

This Saturday, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had to sit by herself in a pew in church to mourn her late husband as Londoners moshed together to have brunch outdoors. This happened because leaders are not paying attention to what they legislate.

And even though receipts were produced, they got away with it because there is a section of society which is living in a fantasy. They believe that they are making a difference when they are not. It’s no wonder things are so lopsided.

Omnia luceat pro lumine sequi. Glitch text effect on poster, with minimalist Latin phrase.
…pro lumine sequi

A few days ago, I was forced to explain that I had things to do offline. It is common sense that when people publish creative work on their blogs, they didn’t cough it up from an alternate universe like that alien cat from the Captain Marvel film.

And why not live a real life offline? It’s fun out here, too. Last week, though I had a severe flareup of plantar’s fasciitis, I hobbled around at work and then took my daily hikes. I loved the fresh air. Turns out, the exercise took away the pain.

Omnia luceat pro lumine sequi. Glitch text effect on poster, with minimalist Latin phrase.
Monochrome glitch

What else? There aren’t any bots out here. My neighbours are real and so are their pets. What were my stats for this week? They were appallingly bad. And though there was no app to review the weather, or the warm smiles, compliments, and greetings I received everywhere I went, I managed to have a good week.

Maybe we are too accustomed to fake feedback in this plastic universe. Imagine what would happen if we stopped caring about that.

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Posters: Retro style minimalist typography with glitch effects. Latin text, “Super omnia luceat pro lumine sequi” (Shine your light everywhere and illuminate the path for others who follow) is based on my poem Dominae Sol Serenat Omnia.

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Keep on trying (Dior GIF bag flex)

Glitched photo of Dior gift bag with a gift, inside a cardboard box with a paper hand
Glitched Dior gift bags with gift

The dry paper hand is back with two small GIFs I made for you today. I am very happy because I welcomed my nephew over the weekend. It was also my birthday so the gif(t) bags are not random.

I find the TV scroll below oddly relaxing. It is also a great throwback to the good old days when people sat in front of square boxes. I hope you enjoy playing on Photo Mosh. I really enjoyed creating this installation.

Glitch television effect with Dior gift bag inside a cardboard box
Glitched TV

On Sunday, I was experimenting with some design ideas and on Monday, I wondered what would happen if I glitched out some images. The software is stable but the file sizes are about 20MB for the GIFs. It’s necessary to compress them. The “Glitched TV” above is 7MB and “Warped thinking”, below, was shrunk to 10MB.

Glitch screen effect with Dior gift bag inside a cardboard box.
Warped thinking

You will not get uniform results for every single kind of image. And though the video files are super heavy, the software I used doesn’t render jpg images large enough to print on a 16″ x 24″ poster. I need a workaround.

Dior gift bag moshed
Moshed on fleek

Hope you enjoyed the bursts of colour and the weird lines as much as I do.

Updated and edited: 2021.04.08. Thank you for viewing.