I just wanna (love) you over

I just wanna (love) you over
Are you moved by the spirit?

If you’re an artist and you feel apprehensive about showing your work, don’t overthink it. Please take a good look at that page of a fashion magazine. I really like it because it shows you don’t need to have the best handwriting ever to use yours as art.

I had one of those days when I felt truly ****** over and it seemed appropriate to scratch something meta on the side. Then, in a different magazine, I found a monochrome photograph of a man’s left hand. I cut it out, dressed it up, and put it in a box. As I photographed it, I realised I had a fun throwback story for Thursday.

Collage from magazine prints and other objects
Skin care for a dry, paper hand

A few years ago, I was approached by a chocolatier out of the blue. Chocolate-making is profitable here, so they were adding a bistro to their shop. They needed a huge favour. They said, we heard that your handwriting is totally unreadable so we want to use it for our handwritten menu cards so that nobody can say we copied theirs. Plus, we don’t know how to translate katakana to French with proper spelling because we don’t know foreign languages.

And I was like, okay.

Daiso is successful because they give good quality advice
Daiso gives good quality advice

The bistro was a gorgeous, modern, stone structure with stained wood interiors and a sunken kitchen. While I sat there staring at the printed out pages of the menu, the chef brought out the first plate of the tasting menu.

One of my friends, who decided she was going to come along and watch, was the designated taster. And she was elated at the chance to eat gourmet food for two hours while I chicken-scratched on menu cards in two languages.

I have to say I really enjoyed that job.

Hoping you have a great Thursday.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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I am sure you are entitled to free chocolate covered popcorn. The weekend was full of adventure, H. Still working out the tech snafus. At least they’re entertaining. If my plans went smoothly, I would have nothing to blog about.

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I’m physically well. Just hit some roadblocks in my plans (technical snafus – not my fault) and I’m powerless to do anything but wait and pray. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

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Wow that sounds like a great experience. And I think your handwriting looks pretty cool in your linked post although indeed it seems I cannot read it. Mine is only really understandable in context because certain scribbles mean different things depending on the rest of the sentence.

Btw I see that bad word!


Hetty 😘😘😘 (I wondered if anyone else noticed the bad word 😇). As for my handwriting, I adopted a hybrid of 18th century German and modern French cursive last year. It took months of practice to make my handwriting completely unreadable.

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Thank you so much for the kind compliment. It was a challenge but fun. 🤍 Occasionally, I can’t understand my own memos so I’ll hand them to a colleague who reads them back to me. She is clearly an expert in alien languages. 😭


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