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Sunday, at the (home) office

On Saturday afternoon, I was waiting to take down an art exhibition and while I was waiting in the car, I decided to pull an Oracle card. I bought them because they’ve got a matte velvety finish and the gold inlay looks pretty. I could not for the life of me understand what it was trying to say.

Threads of Fate Oracle Cards "Patience"
“Patience” from the Threads of Fate Oracle cards

Hello everyone. Are you enjoying your Sunday? I have been at my “home” office all day. I am chuckling at the moment, because when I was searching my phone’s image library, I noticed that photo from yesterday and suddenly, my entire Sunday makes sense. This, for once, is not a rant.

I’ve had the most insane day. I had a vague project deadline circa now: Thirty episodes for a Japanese/English animated series. Sounds fun, right? Except, the criteria changed three hours before I submitted the scripts for TEN episodes.

There is a budget issue. “Smaller budget: remove characters.” So I asked three friends to help me out of a jam. Halfway through, when I presented a snippet of the draft, the graphic artist/animator demanded I write the script for the trailer first.

Now, the reason his company hired me was that the project team was led by a talented graphic designer and animator who was not a writer. Because I understood that, I explained to him that the writing process is not linear. One never starts with the summary. It appears that way because that’s how a story is presented to us. But you can start in the middle and work your way backwards or forwards. You know what I’m talking about, right? You’re all writers.

Colors of love by Thomas Bergersen

And of course, I might be the most non-linear writer of them all. I was giggling because he probably thought I was being unreasonable.

I say, “Should we have notes on the first ten episodes and then write the trailer script, which will happen very fast because we will know what the story is all about?” Doesn’t budge.

That’s how four of us were at one point editing the same sentence at the same time. I would like to give a special big up to Google Docs for facilitating that. When we were all finally done tweaking the scripts, the graphic artist texted, “I’ll take a look in two hours because I am going out.”

What?! It’s 7 past 22 o’clock (two hours later) and he wants to have a meeting at 23 o’clock. I, on the other hand, will be going to bed.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thanks so much. This is one of those situations where having a positive attitude was the correct response. Valentine’s Day is coming up. I wish you a lovely weekend and send you a big hug.

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Woah that really sounds quite an interesting project. I haven’t had the chance to watch anime before until netflix recommended me Naruto and I’ve been hitched since. Would definitely love to see your show one day. All the best Lily. 😇😍😍🍵

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Thank you for your kind words. Are you having a good Tuesday? I’m quite sure you are not in the target demographic for this series. On the backend, it is really technical. Yesterday, we finally realised we were from different planets so the situation has improved somewhat.

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You know what is funny is when I saw the Oracle card design I did not scroll down, and so I did not see the word on the card only the image, and I thought patience. 🙂 What are Oracle cards for? I totally understand about writing. I am not a linear writer either. LOL

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That’s really nice that you saw patience. The Oracle cards are supposed to help you receive guidance from Spirit. I saw someone with them and I thought, I must get these cards. Because my artistic brain went … need it now.

Thank you so much for understanding. Hopefully he will calm down when I show him the draft. It’s about 4:13 am, and I actually got it done. 😂

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Hello Dr H. Glad you finally made it here. You know this character. It’s the same one from the previous project. But … they offered me so much MON€¥.

Please behave at work. 😭

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