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A short video, with thanks

(If you’re having any problems viewing the video embedded above, please tell me. It’s in my WordPress media library. The point of upgrading was to not have this issue, WordPreeeeeess.)

Thanks for coming over here to support me when I re-launched as a brand-new entity last Saturday.

Earlier, WordPress responded to the altar call and got right with the Lord, but is now backsliding and error coding my videos. I cannot penetrate this chaos with code, scripts, tags, or commands. Nothing can defeat it. And I have tried everything.

I wish you a brilliant, glitch-free Thursday. (It’s Friday.)

*Big ups to @TonyWijsVA (Twitter) for the ‘frustrated Kylo Ren’ voice over.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

22 replies on “A short video, with thanks”

Thanks so much. I am very glad you saw it. It’s a promo that, thematically, is a match for my approach to work – story/anti-story. Hopefully, I’ll get inspired to create more exciting content. If only WordPress would show my posts to subscribers.

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Thanks so much for telling me. I’ve just published the post again, and the video was playing on my desktop device. I reduced the size by about 75%. Could you check on my actual blog page? I now notice that the video is error coding in Reader on Google Chrome for iPhone.

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