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Roses + Coffee

Drip coffee package with specialty rose shaped cookies - pink.

This morning, I received a surprise gift: A box of rose-shaped cookies from a Tokyo patisserie called Tulip Rose. I can’t have the cookies because I’m gluten intolerant, so I took photos before giving them away.

Drip coffee package with rose shaped cookie - blue.

The illustrations are from individually-wrapped drip coffee sachets. I received four from a colleague who found them while hunting for coffee deals on Amazon. I have had three so far. (When I say I have coffee, I mean a milk substitute, cream, sugar, and coffee as a flavour).

Rose-shaped cookies

I kept the packaging in case I could create some yummy photo art. The moment has arrived, the coffee brand is called Tasogare, and the beans are from Ethiopia and Brazil. 

Drip coffee in package - green. With decorative wooden clothespins, and graffiti.

Thank you for your support so far. Please enjoy the cookies with your beverage of choice, a warm hug from me, and best wishes for the months ahead.

Box of rose shaped cookies (cookie petals with semi-solid cream filling) from Tulip Rose, Tokyo. Thank you scribbled over the top.

( ^ω^ )


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Ugh, those look divine, and I adore the art you’ve made! Tokyo is on my list of destinations to visit someday. Sorry you couldn’t enjoy eating these delightful little roses but you sure made something pretty with them before handing them off. I’m about halfway through your book, by the way! It’s become a treat I look forward to every day.

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Kumar, thanks. Everyone deserves a treat after the year we’ve had. I’m grateful to you and everyone for the lovely visit and kind words of support. 💚🧡❤️😇🏆🌷🌹

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Hey SB I read someone’s blog where they talked about a workaround to a lot of wp glitches … apparently accessing blog with browser ‘incognito’ helps. Just thought of you as you seem to battle with the wp glitch demons a fair bit. Hope it helps x

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Thanks so much for this. I have been browsing the forums, and I even use Google Chrome, as this platform does not work consistently well with other web browsers. As a programmer, the first thing I learned about UX is that a user of a system should not have to troubleshoot in order to use it. But WP is built on some outdated code probably the same stuff the ancient Egyptians used to program their vending machines.


I drink one cup of coffee in the morning, that’s it. The rest of the day has to be caffeine-free, otherwise, I can’t sleep at night. I’ve never had coffee with beans from Ethiopia and Brazil. So glad you saved the wrapper to create art from it.

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Hello, Miriam. I’m sensitive to caffeine after 3 PM. But before that it doesn’t seem to work. 😭 I’m hoping that you enjoyed the art. Thank you. ❤️


That baker is a genius. He’s 34 years old, according to the card in the box. Apparently, the petals are hard and the inside is semi solid cream with a rise shape. Thanks for leaving this comment. (I am relieved you were able to see this post.) 💚🧡❤️🥰

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Thanks so much. I made the same remark to my colleague. It’s thoughtful of the company to think of the aesthetics. This was so nice to look at, I thought you would enjoy them, too.

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