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Dominae Sol serenat omnia

aikyo to aikyo 2019 postcard of oil on canvas painting by Anna Ishii

Dominae Sol serenat omnia

Dominae Sol serenat omnia - Latin poem based on the Mediaeval Latin verses in the Codex Buranus.

Based on Mediaeval Latin verses in the Codex Buranus. Below, you will see the English translation.

The Sun is my Empress, She shines over everything

I was tempted to put the full text here. However, I remembered that Chrome’s translation software would chew it up. I hope the two images render without any issues. If there are any, let me know. The raw text is available, so please contact me if you would like to have it.

Image: Postcard I received recently of Anna Ishii’s 2019 work, “Charming and mesmerising” – 193 cm x 193 cm oil on canvas.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Yeah, where is Youth? He rode off on me too and he’s been gone for a while.

I love your poem. I can’t read Latin but I love to look through the words to find one I might recognize from studying French. It’s a fun puzzle to try to figure out. Kudos to your writing and translating, it was so nice to read it. I’ve got to listen to Carmina Burana now.

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Thanks, Cynthia. It’s great to see you. (Youth should come back. He’s missing out on fabulous companions). ❤️🧡🥰 It was loads of fun writing this one. Carmina Burana is one of my favourite oratorios.

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It took me a bit to darme cuenta que pienso.. This poem has many parts..quite diverse, but the joining factor is The Empress sun who shines over everything and is witness to youth and folly, summer’s reckless ideas and love at the end of our years.. Understanding and liking this one was a slow first, but oh yes..I do. I really love the personification of the sun as a royal (feminine) being.. You did it again Lily:)

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Thank you for reading. 🤗 I was expecting a range of reactions. 😭😂 Latin is certainly hard on the eyes so I chose the feminine divine imagery to lift it. I imagined a woman rapper and wrote her flex. I composed in Latin, using Latin verse from the Middle Ages, which is why the translation seems jumpy. However, I chose to stay close to form regardless of the consequences. It is “short” because I was quite sure that nobody wanted to be fed four pages of Latin poetry, though it would have shown the style better.

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Thank you, Kumar. I thought a nuanced phrasing would work better than a direct translation. She was certainly carefree when she was younger. I hope she will enjoy her new admirer. 💚🧡❤️

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I am reading this again and again. Really glad that you took up poetry. 😇
She must be younger by heart and that’s what all matters. I had read this somewhere people die at 25 and aren’t buried till they are 80. 😇
I really hope she does. An admirer may still be authentic even if he tries to flaunt the beauty he still has to unsheathe. 😇
Have a great day Lily. 😇

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