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Psycho Fan

One is a crowd.

My addiction of choice is your past.
Its powerful spell makes me anxious,
creates a tension that is so deep.
You are cocky and terrific. Grinding
right there is the hardest thing in the world.
But your stuff was beautiful and
the consummation was
a thing of enchantment.
I genuflect under control.

The second half makes me want to get
squelched so fast into several pews.
The three-part thing was so spontaneous.
You are a pretty raw wonder. You did
something really special with your stick.
Took a minute for it to sink in.
Just love to picture it.

How beautiful to know
it all works inside me.
Truthfully, strong man, morality
is all stupidity and foolishness.
I think I’m pouting, yet taking it
painfully is humbling.

Psycho Fan

The comments remind me of a time when humans had a sense of humour and understood sarcasm. Originally published May 25, 2015. Image by Diana Vartanova via Unsplash.

P.S. Still unable to see any notifications for this post five hours after posting. Please leave a comment so I can holler at you.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

70 replies on “Psycho Fan”

Thanks Hannah for your lovely comment. My notifications are still hidden so I appreciate your letting me know you are seeing this okay. I was scared for a minute that people would think it was a real fan letter.

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Whew! Thank goodness. I was getting really worried that I lacked the intellectual capacity to read blogs. I almost put on my sequined shorts and pouted in the corner. I’m doing well, SB! Still working through labor issues at work, which means a bit more of stress, but nothing that’ll cause me to pout. In a few weeks, I’ll be home, strumming poolside, temporarily relieving myself of the 9 to 5 crap. How are you doing?

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I’m sure you can read through any line, Rob. This poem is a nonfiction collage and it took three weeks to construct. I felt like a sniper, which I have to say was pretty sick. I am blushing at the comments, though. It’s such a shame you have to work through late summer but I’m sure the poolside jam session will be memorable. x

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Honestly, there are days when my mental acuity fails me. Seriously. I lost my glasses last week and nearly tore apart my truck to find them. Two days later, there they were – on the front seat of my truck. Bad. The comments on my blog are routinely better than my content, so I love reading comments. As far as memorable is concerned, I can say. However, I have ventured far enough into a bottle of wine to make my jam sessions less than memorable. I’ll be sure to use SPF50 in case that happens again and I fall asleep in my lounger.

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Stress and fatigue can mess with your visual acuity. I’m sorry to hear about the sunburn. That is hard to fix. I hope you can wind down and get some rest even after a long day. Face down, mouth open is always the best.


Hello and thanks for supporting me. This was a pastiche of nonfiction text. I had always wanted to represent a person’s innermost feelings towards their object of worship, in their own words. I noticed that if I read it from the bottom up, last sentence to first, it’s symmetrical. This makes it art for me and not just poetry.

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Thank you very much. I’m quite attached to that oversized smock. I felt amused composing that. This pastiche seems overly passionate, it is true, but people never really lie about their feelings if you know how and where to look.

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Hey, can you please notice my new Gravatar image? Do I look tall in it? Apparently, I was thought to be short and fat. It was not meant to be a compliment. x


Let’s not have a “who’s dirtier?” competition, it would ruin wordpress for so many people. I’m glad I could make you laugh, and you could hardly ruin anything. (well,maybe biscuits…)

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Ok. I’m going to have to read it a few more times. I keep getting lost between the dark and the light. But, but…. guest post? I think I missed something. Help!

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[I’m replying to my own comment because I can’t to yours.]
There’s some cruel Murphy’s Law of the cyberworld that the most heartfelt stuff (email, post, comment) will be the one you miss. I’m on track now. 🙂

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