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One is selling out, but will they buy it?

Image by Carolyn V via Unsplash.

For my next project, I was planning to sell out and write a romance novel. Not sure how, because I can’t even watch people kiss on telly. On top of that, real research with live participants is going to be a dead end, as I have no game.

After reading the treatment, I realised it wasn’t romantic. So I set it aside and tried to write a few scenes. Still nothing. To procrastinate, I googled name generators. That was when I spied an automatic romantic plot generator. The software gobbles up keywords and spews out plots in mere seconds. Here, you will see what I got when, just for fun, I tried it on for my new fiction project.


Madeleine Locke is a stunning, fit and focused actress. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Badger Mulroney, a slim, tall man with a passion for wealth. Madeleine takes an instant disliking to Badger and his stubborn and obsessive ways. However, when a stalker tries to smear Madeleine, Badger springs to the rescue. Madeleine begins to notice that Badger is naive at heart. But, the pressures of Badger’s job as an intimacy coach leave him blind to Madeleine’s affections. Madeleine focuses on fame to try and distract herself. Finally, when controlling model, Hurricane Nisto, threatens to come between them, Badger has to act fast. But will they ever find the sizzling love that they deserve?

Auto-generated plot for a romance novel

Brilliant! Even I couldn’t have come up with an outline as terrible as that on my own. Then, I wondered, “Is there, like, an automatic novel generator, because I don’t wanna, like, you know, write a whole novel?” The answer is, yes, there is.

I plugged in the name of my main character, some adjectives, emotions, objects, place names, et cetera, and put the software to work. This is supposed to be a romantic short story, but as you can see, the software does not believe me.

Image from Arno Senoner via Unsplash.

An auto-generated story

Hurricane Nisto looked at the shattered shovel in her hands and felt angry. She walked over to the window and reflected on her freezing surroundings. She hated isolated Skartoya with its greasy, glamorous glacier. Then she saw someone in the distance. It was Madeleine Locke, a stubborn diva with hot hands and tight legs. Hurricane gulped and glanced at her own reflection. She was an angry, obsessive, wine drinker with skinny hands and tall legs.

Once, she had rescued Madeleine’s career from a burning building. But not even an angry person was prepared for Madeleine today. The blizzard teased like posing cheetahs. As Hurricane stepped outside, Madeleine glared at her with all the wrath of 8,484 controlling vigorous vixens.

They looked at each other with frustrated feelings, like two crispy, calm cougars acting at a very ruthless press conference, which had violin music playing in the background, and two vile uncles shilling to the beat. Madeleine looked jealous, her emotions blushing like a smooth, stinky satellite antenna. Then she stepped inside for a nice drink of red wine.


Thank you for reading my word soup. Have a great weekend coming up.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

48 replies on “One is selling out, but will they buy it?”

Thanks for commenting. I’m not going to autogenerate a novel. I was being sarcastic. 😂🧡❤️🤓 I’m still thinking and researching. This project is probably going to be split into two separate ones. One dry humour and the other bittersweet romance.


Thanks, Karina. My romantic personality is mellow so heartbreak is the end of trust for me. Everything I come up with ends up being unromantic so I’ll try something out in my next project and see how it takes.

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There is no way. I think I have like two chapters max and the ending. I can’t find a way to twist the average romance story except to make the boy a strict Catholic and the girl an asexual. No matter what I do it’s going to be generic. Thanks for dropping by.

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Romance maybe generic but the characters and environment may not be. You have made a start and that is still progress…no matter how small the steps are, as long as you are moving in the right direction, it is progress. A work of art can’t be rushed now, can it?

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Wow…a glorious new tool! I’m going to have to play around and see what I come up with now. 😀 This reminds me of mad libs back in the day. True story, a friend of mine has an AI girlfriend now. He showed me pics of her and she looks strangely like me (we had a failed romance).

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Well I think your friend has amazing taste so you should probably be happy about that. You broke him and now he can only deal with fantasy versions of you. ❤️💚🧡💕 I was thinking the story maker was like mad libs but with a little bit more gasoline. Enjoy.

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Absolutely shocking, reminds me of those so called ‘Page Turners’ advertised on Amazon. Whenever I see Page Turner!, Best selling, No. 1 hit on the Amazon whatever-chart!, Now a Hollywood blockbuster! sharing the title of the novel I stopped reading any more.

But your versions did make me laugh 😀 xo

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😂 Thank you. This is the most accurate description of page turners I’ve ever read. 😂 I have read one of those – the author did research on the web and pretended it was a translated autobiography. Everyone lapped it up because it was what they wanted to hear.

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I visited an online bookclub today it has over 1 million subscribers. You get to read books for free and critique them. An overwhelming number of reviews said that they want a well-written story. So I don’t understand what’s going on out there.

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There you go, a well written story. I’m not a spring chicken anymore but I do look out for new writers, however find myself going back to the ones I enjoyed before, Ruth Rendell, Daphne Du Maurier, vintage Dean Koontz and the classics.

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Thanks for visiting. I’ve been living under a rock, too. Google has been stalking me so they knew what I was after, and suggested that site, more than likely. Have some fun with it and see what happens.

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The website is linked in the actual words in the paragraph, so please look in there for some purple text and it will take you directly to the website. I hope the search gives you a good result.

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Hmm…two poets use algorithms to generate books of poetry on love and romance and end up with the same book…thus fall madly in love until their differing royalty checks arrive…humm..then it turns into a murder mystery? 🙂


I like it. Definitely would be an interesting conversation on how consumers choose products. It would unravel really quickly, and the drama would be over the top. Thanks so much for reading my post and adding your thoughts.


I am impressed by these. I did not know machine can generate stories like this before. I know about AI, Machine Learning but never thought the technologies can go this far. Hmm, we may one day just leave all of these creative things to machines.

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I hope we keep working creatively. The algorithms were designed to create stories that people are interested in. As a result, there is very little original material created because people simply won’t pay attention to things they aren’t already interested in.

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Believe me. When I saw it I jumped on that thing and plugged away. Novel written. Bestseller. I wonder if some of the junk that we are seeing on Netflix have been written in this way. I hear that they have algorithms that write their story plots for them.

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I have a plot for you. Female artist falls in love with and marries a man who doesn’t appreciate her art, at all. They stay married for years. The longer they are married, the worse it gets until he won’t permit her to hang any works in their home (I.e. gaslighting) until she finds she has a avid following. An admirer murders the artists husband… finish……haha

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That’s too funny. 😂 If I follow a natural progression of ideas that’s sort of what happened to my story. It became a story not about romance but about resentment, pain, and disillusionment. The main character I came up with is incapable of being in a romantic relationship because she’s not self-aware or particularly empathetic. As for the artist who is not appreciated, that storyline and is up being that she decides to be miserable in the end because she loves money.

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What about finding love in today’s world. Meeting on the internet by accident, intrigued by each other, different countries, different cultures, friendship, crisis in each others world, concern, love . . .

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Thank you so much for this idea. I tried that as well as several variations until I realised it was going to be forced. Any savvy romance novel reader would figure out what I was doing from the very first paragraph. There has to be a real problem in the world that I can push into the story.

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