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A tale in the crypt

Gala meets Velour’s First Minister

Jennifer Horn has done a fantastic job again creating this storyboard for a key scene for my novel, The Quarter Percent.

In the first scene of the final chapter, Gala and the First Minister of Velour are in the crypt of Ruby Palace. On screen is a replay of the ‘fall of the house of Moss’. At a prestigious awards ceremony, in front of the crowned heads of the Continent, Mrs. Moss spills the dirt on the Continent’s aristocrats. Gala explains that it is her system of interpersonal sabotage.

Morse coded message I created online

In the epilogue, one of the characters receives an invitation card on his breakfast tray. The card is written in Morse. He presses it to the screen of his tablet to translate the message.


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Thanks for commenting. The website allows you to send the audio and have the recipient transcribe it. What the book, I decided to adapt it for touch screens. A colleague of mine told me could not be written. Might be the abstract artist in me, but I enjoy being contradicted by people who make call others idiots before checking facts.

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Thanks! 🧡 So glad you liked it. Added this detail to the story because someone told me that it is impossible to actually write in Morse. I’m happy there is a translator online. You should totally try it – they provide the sound clip as well, and you can hear email it to anyone.


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