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So far, the new WordPress editor is driving me bonkers and is about to get slapped upside the head with my pimp hand after trying to stitch me up via Siri. 

Warning! Rant …

I spent the last four days trying to delete my Instagram account, which I started four days ago. Before that, I was forced to shred my Twitter posts, all 202 of them and delete my account. Long story short, Twitter is Babylon.

I have sworn that I would never use Facebook products ever. I had to go back on my word because I’m not able to travel overseas this year. 

Instagram’s software decided that my photos were professional-looking. I was prompted to upgrade to a professional account and pay for advertising. They then said that I needed a Facebook page (so they can mine my data and sell me ads). I declined because I wasn’t going to sell my artwork anyway, and their analytics are irrelevant. I was planning to post photos from my archives to establish some credentials. I wanted other artists to pay attention to me when I engaged with them. Instead, from the fourth post in, my photos started vanishing. Soon after, I was not allowed to react to stories, or comment on more than four consecutive posts. So I said, I’m done. Four days later, after several thwarted attempts, I finally did it.

I was miserable the whole time.

You have to understand, I study programming and machine learning so I know how algorithms work. I don’t believe that their algorithms are even-handed. Machine learning code requires human input and all of that “the algorithm changes constantly” nonsense you see in tech magazines, is shorthand for “our programmers are constantly re-drafting the code so that people who are not buying advertisements will feel compelled to do that”.  

I had zero followers and was getting suppressed. It is a clear sign that Facebook exists to sell advertisements. They don’t cater to anyone who refuses to add to their bottom line. I don’t have access to their servers, so there is nothing I can do to change their policy to help myself.

Please do not ask me about all of the accounts I visited in stealth mode. Oh, I spied on everybody: neighbours all the way to my former teachers, classmates, childhood friends, crushes, crushes’ crushes, uni friends, colleagues. People are so nice when they don’t know it’s me commenting.

One of my cousins, who is a fashion designer, sent me a lovely welcome audio message to thank me for joining her army of fans. In real life, her husband banned her from talking to me because I told my cousin she should not allow her husband to name himself CEO of her multinational fashion brand, which she started on her own. He has no business training, mind you. He claims on his social media accounts that he is naturally better at business because he’s a dude and men are traditionally the provider. It’s a very long story – and you can read about it at that link. 

I woke up on Sunday morning to a face full of the power couple in an Instagram live stream. Their marriage is amazing and perfect and stuff so they were cohosting a marriage counselling session with a very good-looking celebrity singer couple. I had to intervene after a guest complained that her man wasn’t ready to have children. She joked that her friend told her to take a sample of his you-know-what while he was sleeping. I quickly jumped in the chat to say that it was assault and battery. (If I had a partner kinda sorta joke that they would impregnate me in my sleep, there’d be no discussion about it: that would be the very end. Don’t say hi to me, get lost forever).

Of course the power couples ignored me. Because, they don’t have any knowledge about fundamental human rights. And why would they? They’re not really helping anyone, they’re building a brand.



Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Again, powerful writing. Your followers have given you some wonderful ideas for posts by sharing similar problems they are having. You’ve got enough on this one post for a month of posts that you could market to the blogging market.

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Hate is a strong word but not strong enough for my feelings about the new editor. I tried it once when it first came out and reverted to the “classic” one. Tried it again on the weekend to try to get used to it in advance of the inevitable change. Reverted to classic again after losing half a post. I don’t like the galleries. I don’t like the blocks. I don’t want to stop blogging but I’m going to have to rethink how I do it.

I like Facebook for staying in touch with far-flung family and friends.

I tolerate Instagram. I no longer post and rarely look at it.

I don’t understand Twitter. I recently revitalised my personal account because I thought I’d get some amusing content but nothing has inspired me to keep it. I think I’ll get rid of it again. Unfortunately I still have to use it at work but that is minimal and I can live with it.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to rant about the new editor and you’ve given me a platform. Thank you.

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Hello Jenny, thanks for coming over here and talking about your experience. To start with, WordPress recruits remote work web development freelancers on Craigslist. I feel that it might be hard to do WordPress editing on a mobile device because of the haphazard work culture that is supported here. The only solution so far is to publish from a desktop computer and use a mobile device for answering comments and browsing. Best of luck.

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I also hate the new editor. I’ve tinkered with previous versions but it does not flow. I’m trying to write content, not create a web site. The classic editor just works. I’m usually pretty good with rolling with change but I am not looking forward to blogging become a chore.

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I can certainly understand that, Ed. It is very buggy. It’s hard enough to get through the day without having one more thing to focus on. I do hope you can find a way to work with the changes.

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Yep, I’m with you on all the social media hate. It feels like I’ve had this love-hate abusive relationship with Facebook for years now, where I quit it for a while and then keep coming back for more, because so many of my friends and family members in other parts of the world are on Facebook. I hate everything Facebook stands for. I wish there was a good alternative option.

I tried Twitter for a while, too, but there is just so much troll name-calling nonsense that goes on there. Gah. I guess we could stick to, you know, actual direct human contact with our friends, like phone calls and letters. I wonder if I could handle that 🙂

Thanks for helping me rant as well!

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Hey, no worries. I’ve known for a very long time but it was all about. I refused to participate. I’ve lost friends because of my opinions but I stuck to my guns. And here we are. It’s okay to not want to be part of a toxic mix. I think some people don’t have the personality for it. We shouldn’t be pressured directly or indirectly to participate either.

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I sympathize with your Instagram and Facebook frustrations, and I am completely (all caps underlined) with you in hating the new WordPress editor. Apparently it has been around for a couple of years but I was happily jogging along with the “classic” editor. Now that they are about to switch us over to the new one, I have tried three times to make it work for me, without great success. It is taking me twice as long as usual to write a blog post. Grrr. Maybe I should write a rant post, too!

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Please rant about it. I had this new editor publish a post while it was still in draft. Then I got told off by a troll who was enthusiastic to see mistakes. So I had to turn off comments on the post instead of getting the feedback I wanted. Hilarious. Thank you so much for understanding my pain.

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