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Wallis Simpson photographed with former king Edward on their wedding day. She was a real feminist, unlike some contemporary feminists who pay lip service to the idea, mistakenly thinking that a strong woman is angry. Faux feminists wouldn't recognise an actual feminist if one stomped on them

The Merry Widow looked weary this afternoon. Her minders took note as they unearthed her body from a trough of pink salt. People said she was well-preserved, meaning it as a compliment. They had no idea how literal that was.

Despite the attention on spa Wednesday, she felt hollow. A long walk outside would have helped but her sponsors forbade prolonged exposure to the sun. They shuttered her windows. They gave her books, soft lights and sweet music to keep her subdued.

From the walls of her bedroom, the covers of Life and Time mocked her. “Parasite of international society has zero net worth. Ha ha ha ha ha!” Sponsors fetched her every three weeks or so. They shoved her in front of cameras to promote various agendas. They fed her milk and farm fresh produce. Only enough, and the nurse made sure, to maintain her trim figure. When she was younger, she had been ruthless about looking petite. These days, she always felt a little hungry.

It is possible to succeed and fail miserably at the same time. She was a strong woman with more ambition than decorum. There were two lessons she hadn’t learned. One, do not offend the wrong people, starting with her sister-in-law, Queen Elizabeth. And two, when you reach your endgame, stop. The high profile fling was a ploy for social deference. Instead, she found herself serving the establishment for the rest of her life.


Photo credit: Duke and Duchess of Windsor on their wedding day, June 3, 1937. “Los Duques de Windsor, un amor que cambió el rumbo de la historia,” via Hola magazine


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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It’s good of you to visit. Thank you. I’m not sure what to call it either but it was a challenge to write in a neutral way about an unsympathetic character. It worked with Lear but Wallis is a real person so there’s an emotional reaction to things she’s said.

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I drop by all the time. I noticed you decided not to have a like button. Although I have read the posts with no like button, I didn’t comment because I didn’t see anything else I can add after reading some comments or just reading the post. Not a bad idea though to do away with the like button. I’ve seen that with a few sites that either offer some kind of service or articles with a theme. I read some of then, but I rarely comment.

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Hello Karina, and thank you again for dropping by. I hid the like button because of technical issues I’m having with WordPress. I can’t discuss in detail but my posts are basically for subscribers who are able to see/find them. In which case, I prefer feedback. The original purpose of my blog was to publish my writing. I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that people are actually talking to me about my work and helping me to gain an understanding about what I’m offering.

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Thank you so much, Nathalie! I’ve been a naughty tease, but I know you like that. This was a bit out of my comfort zone so I appreciate the feedback. Have a great weekend, too. xo

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Wallis Simpson was a very interesting character. She must have had a hard time in life with all the situations she was thrown into. But her sympathies are unforgivable. You did a great job. It’s a beautiful piece of literature! I recently discovered that she was originally meant to be buried at Greenmount Cemetery, in Baltimore with her husband. (My Father was the superintendent there, so I just find that little piece of information interesting.)


Thank you, Harrison. It’s really interesting that you have a familial connection with the story. I think that incidental connection brings the legend down to earth. I saw the Madonna film, W.E. again and I think it was so watered down. Of course, lots of factual information was added but there wasn’t a lot of gritty truth. It is interesting that the film received a 2012 Oscar nomination for costume design. Wallis was all about couture. xo

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Everybody deserves somebody. I’m glad they found each other and they seem to have been pretty shallow people stuck under a microscope and, well, the run up to are right, some things should never be forgotten.

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Love this comment, especially the first part – “Everybody deserves somebody.” That is definitely coming from a happy, positive, hopeful place. May we all find it and live there in the days to come. Thank you for adding your warmth. Have a lovely week ahead.


Thank you so much for reading. Fame and notoriety are a trap. (Ask Kanye). People believe you’ll do anything to have it and that’s when they own you. Time Magazine made her its first woman of the year in 1936, no mean feat. However, behind the headlines, it was a real-life horror story for a woman who loved money and freedom.

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I do not envy Kanye, which I hear is losing not only his mind but his money, too. Wonder how long his wife will be at his side? Yeah, people in the limelight suffer their privacy and sanity.

I read Wallis was manipulative. I don’t see her as a victim but someone determined to live the high life. She had affairs with two wealthy, married men and married both. She’s still a fascinating person to study, and you captured her perfectly! xo

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Thanks for adding your thoughts on that situation. I feel he’s the tragic hero of our generation. He demonstrates the danger of inhabiting a thought bubble rather than looking at the world for what it is. And you’re right about Wallis. Man stealing was not popular in the 1930’s and is still frowned upon today.


Hi SB. I have no idea why but I dreamt about reading a post of yours, unfortunately I cannot remember what it was about but I enjoyed reading this one. Like one of your other commenters I Googled the Duchess and now that my curiosity is piqued will read up on her history.

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i do not know about the history related to this………(i will google 😀 )……….but this is brilliantly written…..!!! 😀 😀

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