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David et Goliath (Archangel Edit)

Archangel Michael

Cheer me on, Oblivia
as I wind up from the knees
to rend from Earth this nemesis
of everlasting peace

Aiming at the nose bridge
of the Grand Chaos Machine
bracing with the groundswell
fully charged, I launch again

Swing that arm around now
Come on David, let her fly
Holding up your left hand
as a shield against the sky
watch that middle finger
you must use it as a guide
Clean your stones; less friction
Count, release and it is done

Lead, my faithful vanguard
Gather, kindred, go that way
On your trusting footprints
shines the mighty light of day

Come on, children, walk this way…


Note: I wrote this poem at the end of March and hid it, thinking I would never need to publish it. Clearly, I was kidding myself. Tammy, and Jeanne, this poem might be all I can do. Photo credit: Archangel Michael defeats the Evil One, St Michaelis Church Tombamasta, Hamburg, Germany; image via Pinterest.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thank you. I just don’t have moves or the stage presence to bust a groove. I wrote the story in prose form first, then decided the chorus section would read better in a lyric form. I am very happy you like it. xo

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Ehereal! It’s as if the words simply poured out of you. Your imagery and the picture marry well. Thank you for sharing this amazing piece of excellence.


Well I’m so glad you “un-hid” it!! It’s fantastic..I thought perhaps it was from some book or story about David & Goliath from long ago…you should not hide your talents, seriously this poem is amazing!!

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Thank you for the poem on the subject matter. Yes, Goliath was a continual war-mongering menace. Humble David was a shepherd boy with faith in the L-rd backing his courage.

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Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. The story has fascinated me ever since I first heard it. I find it wasteful when people in positions of power use that power to create strife.


well written poem and a good connection made between Michael and the devil, and David and Goliath. I guess to the Hebrews, Goliath was the interupter of their peace and David the overcomer. thanks for sharing it.

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Thanks so much for dropping by. I imagine world peace existed two days before the Deluge, the real one, before we had to gather in groups for shelter, security and protection. If we’ve come this far, why can’t we figure it out? The best we could do was BDSM.

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