Think – Grey

Poster colours and masking tape on 120 mm x 100 mm notebook cover.

Poster colours over assorted masking tape with green filter
Think – Green


masking tape
Masking tape

Today, I wanted to play with watercolours and masking tape. I tried something complicated with art and poetry (the inked portions) on Sunday afternoon but messed it up. After hearing encouraging remarks from a friend, I taped another layer and splashed out on a new idea.

Setup – before painting


Think – Raw (unprocessed)

Keep it simple if/where you can.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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I love the gorgeous, wild, randomness here. And yet, the colors and patterns just work so well together 🙂 You mentioned “luck” in another comment, which I sometimes feel is an important creative aspect when there is little time or when in the grips of a fleeting emotional urge to create art. Whether it is actually luck or not, I adore your work and enjoyed this post immensely! I’m always inspired by your creative endeavors!

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Thanks so much for your understanding and reassuring comment. I assume that many artists work with a personalised palette. It takes the hassle out of decisions when we’re pressed for time. When you don’t have it together the colours do all the work. Making it was nerve wracking so finishing it was a big relief.

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I appreciate that you took another shot at it you project. Final result is fabulously promising so far. When I “make a mistake” in my watercolor or ink sketches, I tend to abandon the page. I realized a while back that there really are no mistakes, as you can always go back and rework them to make them shine. Kind of parallels life in that way.

As always, great post. Cheers to you this holiday week that will flow into the weekend.

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Thank you so much, Missy Jean. I understand where you’re coming from. After giving up too many times, I thought it would be better for the environment relax and go with it. Reduce, reuse, recycle.


I continue to just smile when I see your creations. I can’t fathom where such creativity comes from. I enjoy your explanations as well so I can see your work through the vision you’re attempting to create. I really enjoy your work.

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Thank you so much, Laura. I do not like having unresolved issues so this carved a hole in my attention span until I got on it. I hope you’ll have a productive week ahead, creatively.

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Thank you. I found the tapes in a very large bookstore. It has a huge space just for masking tape. You can’t finish looking, there’s so much. Choosing three sets was a time consuming task. The “think” tapes were the newest additions. I enjoyed the vintage look. xo

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Trust me, she would move in. It’s easier. There is a living room setup in the area with signs encouraging customers to bring coffee from the Starbucks (also in-store) so they can keep calm and tape. I did that on Sunday. Hours passed. Hours.

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Thanks for commenting, Roger and you’re welcome. You can’t go wrong with taping haphazardly and then splashing paint around haphazardly. When the paint dries, the notebook will be presented as a gift. xoxo

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Thanks so much for the support. I was this close to messing up and then I went all out. I like when the larger story intersects with things happening in my own life. In this case, I was inspired by a few personal events. The cover is still attached to the notebook. My sister’s been asking after one of my paintings so I thought she’d like this one.

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Excellent -there’s not enough of that. We have an amazing Degas exhibition on in Melbourne and apparently he would take his beautiful pastel drawings and stamp on them to embed the pastel into the paper.

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Thank you so much for your support. I am glad you mentioned the time factor. I had very little of it but thought, I must make some art or must surely go bonkers. I’m happy you enjoyed it and I hope you will get some time, too. xo

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