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Dutch replica of warship
closeup of port side bow
Ghost Ship
Replica of Dutch built warship

These photographs were taken on Thursday and Friday (May 19/20), in a small port town, where I attended an art conference. May is the month in which I return home to do laundry and repack my luggage. I hope it’s been a good month for you.

cave, nuanced
Treasure Cave
wooden peg, close up
wooden peg, monochrome treatment
Dutch replica, portside, medium closeup
Ship, Port Side


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

147 replies on “Buccaneer”

Thank you so much. I have been very busy but I’m hanging in there. As for these photos I was lucky I got them right on the second try. I tossed out dozens of photos on my first attempt. Lots of walking. I hope that you have been well.

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You are welcome, Sabiscuit. 🙂 I am doing okay, but I have also been busy. I was working at a few freelance gigs, and I have also been busy taking care of my elderly father. He has various health problems due to diabetes, and lately he has been having more trouble walking than he used to.

I am glad that you did not give up on the photos after the first try. I often take several shots of potential subjects too, and I try to take them at different angles. However, I don’t usually have the time to take a lot of photos. I hope you have a great week. Take care. 🙂


Hello again, Arlene. Thanks for this. I am sorry to hear about your dad’s health setbacks. I hope he is coping well and I am sure he is doing well with your help and attention. Best of luck with new gigs. I wish you all the best with landing a permanent one. Take care until we meet again. xo

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You are welcome again, Sabiscuit. Thanks for your sympathy about my dad. He is doing okay, but I think he sometimes gets frustrated about struggling to walk around. I have to help him get things more than I used to. A major part of the problem is my dad’s blood sugars are too high, and it is hard for him to change his eating habits. And thanks for the good wishes about my work. While I do not have a permanent job, one of my clients has given me some steady work doing the layout for a monthly newsletter. It seems like a step in the right direction. Best wishes, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer. 🙂

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Thanks so much dear. I was kind of on a break from blog as I was doing some road trips almost 5k miles in a month, plus few other reasons. But now I am hopefully back on regular blogs, and so, you will see more of my shots n posts from three road trips 🙂

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