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Dutch replica of warship
closeup of port side bow
Ghost Ship
Replica of Dutch built warship

These photographs were taken on Thursday and Friday (May 19/20), in a small port town, where I attended an art conference. May is the month in which I return home to do laundry and repack my luggage. I hope it’s been a good month for you.

cave, nuanced
Treasure Cave
wooden peg, close up
wooden peg, monochrome treatment
Dutch replica, portside, medium closeup
Ship, Port Side


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

147 replies on “Buccaneer”

Loved the ship photos in particular, Sabiscuit, and the way the shadowy compositions resonate with the call to the Buccanner. The ships have a timeless appeal to them, like they have been at port in a ghostly harbor for quite some time. Images like that say something to us but I can’t put my finger on it. Something about the antiquity that resides with us in the present maybe. Something about the fact that we are the past in new clothing.


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I agree with your take on this presentation, Michael. Just what I wanted to evoke. I am fascinated with the past, as it has been my teacher and faithful companion. So glad you came over for some swashbuckling fun. Be blessed.

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That sounds fantastic. Drama free breeze shooting. Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the third one. It was a lucky third edit. This one really brought to mind the stories I’d read about the real pirates of the Caribbean. The women were especially fearsome, I hear.

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Thank you! Your usual kind remarks are much appreciated. I am very happy you like these variations on a theme = Pirates of the Caribbean. I am told this replica of the original wooden boat was Dutch made. I was mesmerised by the slate black and felt it had a story to tell. Have a lovely weekend.

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Everything in this post moves me. The poetry/lyrics are fantastic and match the pictures so well. I am very inspired by the photos though, they have such a dark sincerity to them. I adore when photography brings out the natural beauty of things, enhances the normal by showcasing what is extraordinary about it. They are very beautiful! Thank you for this post!

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Thank you for your kind comment. I am into natural beauty. I took a lot of photos and tossed them because I didn’t see anything fascinating. But I went back and changed my approach. Never give up, right?

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Thank you so much. This is exactly the message the poem is conveying. The “pleasure garden” is that creative process in our minds. It brings us peace and solace obliterates negativity in the world. I was going to give up on pegged but your encouragement sent me back out there to try again. Thank you for your support.

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Thanks, Clarissa. It was fun revisiting some aspect of my culture and now, finally, this song has stopped replaying in my mind. Have a great weekend.


Thanks, William. It is a catchy phrase and it means we should face challenges with a positive attitude. I’m very happy you like the presentation. Have a fabulous day.

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Thanks so much. I’d deep sixed the original draft, thinking I’d never find the right photos. It’s a good thing I remembered the melody (the one I made up for it). Have a lovely weekend.

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