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Darling Poacherette…

Text printed magazine pages cut out to create a collage like the one linked.

Darling Poacherette

Alas, and did my neighbours bleed
to witness thy wonky third act
rewarded with divine blessings
from that Philistine Hack.

What generous praise hast
thy bland theft wrought,
dear poaching one!

I was rudely interrupted by a messaging app
while dancing in a Polish nightclub.
“Indeed, there is something rotten,”
agreed my dates from Denmark.

They queried: “Will these purloined rhymes
bring the boys to her yard?”

My thoughts fluctuated. Yes? No! Maybe so…

I hope you’ll recover from
that leg thing, soon, my young friend.

William Shakespeare


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thank you so much. That took a lot of negotiating with the printer, to get the pages out. The streamlined look was also a bit of trial and error. A fun activity.


as Shakespeare would say… ” dear Sabiscuit, you are indeed hiding your light under a bushel” So talented, I am indeed rather envious… 🙂


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