Floral Wilt

floral sculpture dramatic filter
[i] Delilah

Floral sculpture, wilting

Warm wishes for a peaceful and safe Easter weekend. To my Hindu friends, I hope your Holi was full of love and joy.

floral sculpture filtered in pink [ii] Pink this, Fuchsia

For this project, I tried to create a sculpture with wilting flowers. I rearranged them a few times and photographed each version until I found a good balance.

floral sculpture filtered in red
[iii] Carmine phase

I used wilting petals to bring emotional texture to the composition. I hope you like them, too. Thank you for viewing.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

227 replies on “Floral Wilt”

You have made these pictures! This is fabulous. The colors are soothing. Stress-relieving.
How do you manage to take appropriate photos to post?


Thanks so much for looking at my artwork. I took a close-up photo of a bouquet of flowers in a friends office. And then I super over-the-top edited them many many times using Snapseed which is a Google app available on the App Store. Creating artwork for your blog isn’t that difficult. It’s really all about who you are. My artwork is mostly abstract, and I work with colours, textures and space. When I look at something that’s 3D, I try to flatten it and if something is flat I want to give it texture. If you can sketch, you might want to do some digital drawing on your own and upload your own graphics or doodles. I think people like that extra personal touch.


Yeah, personal art speaks volumes!
Would love to see more of these art works! Keep it up ☺️♥️


Thanks. I would love to publish more as well, I’m working on something. Besides the synaesthesia post to have another thing coming out next Tuesday so stay tuned.


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