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Wax Horizon

gouache on wood panel in yellow ochre and brown
Gouache on wood panel (wet/processed photo)

Ad septentrio video
haec ceram caelum clara
supra mare stella Martis

 To the North and I hail
in full this wax horizon
bright across
a Martian sea*

(Original; starting point of a colour study)

Meaning: Dust yourself off and try again. Notes: I didn’t realise until Thursday afternoon that the painting resembles the horizon as seen from Victoria Crater, Mars. *As you know, Mars is dry; however, 19th century areographers used “sea”, “lake” and “ocean” while mapping the planet. Thank you so much for viewing.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Do you know Latin? I’d love to learn it. I like learning new languages. So much of the essence is lost in translation.

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Latin is not a living language so it’s relatively easy to play with it. I wrote the poem in Latin first and translated it to English after that. I won’t say I’m a fluent speaker but I am accustomed to reading Latin texts. I believe that learning new languages really helps us become empathetic communicators. Best of luck. xo

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Thank you for your kind words, Andy. I was tentative about the simplicity, thinking it would seem trite, but I’m happy that the strong feelings I had at the time, painting this, telegraphed through the presentation. Warm wishes for Friday. SB

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