Love notes and masking tape

masking tape in kitchen spices, herbs and wallpaper
[i] Retro spicy love

Masking tape on notebook covers. 

These postcards are for you. Have a great Valentine’s Day.

heart shape in masking tape in monochrome
[ii] Mono loves mono

The notebooks are appreciation gifts for two lovely colleagues. To create the look, I used a lot of masking tape on the (paper) covers.
finished notebook covers
The method is simple:
notebook cover

  1. Select a minimum of four styles of masking tape in complementary and contrasting colours.
  2. Tear off tape, varying the length, overlapping and criss crossing for texture. Cover the entire surface, leaving no spaces.
  3. Use a pen or marker to outline a shape.
  4. Add contrasting tape to fill in the shape.

the notebook cover with tapes on top

For best results, I suggest pressing the finished project under something heavy or leaving it alone for a few days to set. After that, transparent tape may be used to protect the edges if you use the notebook a lot.

Good luck, warm light and love, my friends, until I see you again.

Musical inspiration: Wiz Khalifa “See You Again” with Charlie Puth [Official Video] from the
Furious 7 Soundtrack.



Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Your colleagues will love these…there’s nothing more special than homemade anything…it’s a gift from the heart…which happens to include hearts! And wow that song is beautifully sad…

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Thanks for viewing, Deb. I’m glad you like the song, thank you. My colleagues already received them and you’re right, they loved their notebooks. Have a great weekend. ❤ ❤

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Thank you. I am glad I visualised carefully before even starting. It can be undone but I wouldn’t want to. I appreciate your kind words. Have a great weekend, Inese.


Nice! I’m now kicking myself for not grabbing a pack of masking tape and a notebook when I was out in Ikea yesterday. I had them IN MY HANDS and then decided I’d bought enough! Dangit! Anyway, I’m sure your lucky colleagues loved their beautiful gifts 😀

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Thank you so much. I think we might have been communicating telepathically. If you find some time, it would be a neat project. We had a small ceremony to present the gifts. They were very happy.

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Thank you. I’m glad you like it. It’s newspaper printed on masking tape. It’s designed with real newspaper photos. My colleagues had a similar reaction until they touched it. It’s very smooth.

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