Love notes and masking tape

masking tape in kitchen spices, herbs and wallpaper
[i] Retro spicy love

Masking tape on notebook covers. 

These postcards are for you. Have a great Valentine’s Day.

heart shape in masking tape in monochrome
[ii] Mono loves mono

The notebooks are appreciation gifts for two lovely colleagues. To create the look, I used a lot of masking tape on the (paper) covers.
finished notebook covers
The method is simple:
notebook cover

  1. Select a minimum of four styles of masking tape in complementary and contrasting colours.
  2. Tear off tape, varying the length, overlapping and criss crossing for texture. Cover the entire surface, leaving no spaces.
  3. Use a pen or marker to outline a shape.
  4. Add contrasting tape to fill in the shape.

the notebook cover with tapes on top

For best results, I suggest pressing the finished project under something heavy or leaving it alone for a few days to set. After that, transparent tape may be used to protect the edges if you use the notebook a lot.

Good luck, warm light and love, my friends, until I see you again.

Musical inspiration: Wiz Khalifa “See You Again” with Charlie Puth [Official Video] from the
Furious 7 Soundtrack.



Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Glad you liked them. Thank you so much. I just love that parting car moment so much. I was in that sentimental mood this morning when I edited the post and thought, “I’ll just add this song to relay my strong emotions.” Glad they came through for you. ((Hugs))

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Thank you, Sharon. These were new tapes and so were the notebooks. the newsprint ones are quite convincing, actually, and sometimes I try to read them. The details are amazing. Overall, they do have that vintage patina, which I love.

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Thank you. I appreciate that. I hope you will try it on a small notebook, with some of your favourite music (mine was Vivaldi’s Four Seasons). And have plenty of thinking time before.

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Lynn, thank you for coming back for a visit. I am very happy you enjoyed the presentation. I am sure it would be too time consuming for you at the moment, but it could come in handy for a much smaller project. A tiny square notebook or something.

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Yes I love this and it is so unique! I will show my daughter. But you are right I do not have the time, and honestly I am impatient so my kids just laugh when I attempt wrapping a present! it is the lynn way!! hahaha not good!

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I am worse. I just ask for shopping bags and hand things over like that. “Here.” So, sitting for 90 minutes with those two dream books was an amazing feat. My colleagues were definitely worth it.

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That is so sweet. That is a gift that will no doubt bring a lot of joy every time your colleagues open their books. Painful work meetings will now be a joy all the time! Assuming they’ll use them for work- who knows, they might reserve them for poetry only 🙂

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I am smiling so big right now! First I am not crafty at all your idea and instructions were very good. I think that I will try this (never ever do I do anything remotely crafty)! Second, I usually don’t pay much mind to DIY posts or craft idea posts because I have a hard time learning and usually I can’t understand the directions. But, your video (which I now LOVE) hooked me in to take a further look. I smiled and smiled tickled pink that I loved the idea and most importantly I understood your directions. Great Post and craft idea……you spread the love perfectly!

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Thank you so much, Annette. It was easy and hard because it takes a lot of time, but for my colleagues who’ve been there for me and have been so sweet, it is time well spent. I am very glad the total presentation worked for you. I appreciate your warm comments and the reblog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xo

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