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Poet’s Brew


Rusted dials
fond shadows threw
o’er hapless sonnets
in poet’s brew

Poet’s Brew | SB

[The photo is a hapless page from my journal, a red A5 Zequenz 360° roll up. I have tried but it never rolls up for me (story of my life). Keep chipping at that stone. Best wishes for February.]


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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The last one woke me very early in the my muse is wont to do..u gotta write it when it comes, but u know that, I’m sure..inspiration is a slippery thing, like a snake😳🙄🙀😹

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I use both, actually. I dictate notes but the software doesn’t recognise a formal register of English so pen and ink it is, especially for a first draft. It helps me pull my thoughts together. Thank you again for your support.

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Yup, I got my talisman too..a few heavy doldrums I pull them all out..but u r right…sometimes perhaps the wall is necessary…it forces me outdoors to hike or go to the beach..I love visual arts too so if I’m not writing, I’m painting or taking pics…creativity is a serpent that must be fed or anxiety and depression sink in, at least for me..

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Thanks, Laura. I usually do a big double line X through pages but on that day I was surprisingly restrained. All the best for your upcoming projects.


Thank you so much. I really worried that someone would judge me for the mistake in the second line, and not notice that I fixed it in the typed version. But I am very happy that my purpose and meaning were understood and supported. I wanted to show that these things are quite frustrating to produce. Hugs for Tuesday, my friend. xoxo

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Thank you so much. It is starting out okay. Have some jitters for the story on Friday, the pressganged followup to Midas is going to be published. I will need some Beastie courage. Have a great Tuesday with warm hugs from me. xoxo

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The poem means “I’m waiting for some words to come out so I can finish the poem, but nothing’s happening.” Rusted dials are the hands on my wristwatch (waiting forever) or the tip of my fountain pen, sitting idly on the page. The brew is the beverage I’m drinking as well as the words on the page that are waiting to be rearranged. Thank you for reading.

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I’ve arrived with the bear skin, but I’m afraid not much else. Or was that bare skin? I can’t recall. Sometimes I’ll write a verse that I think is wonderful, but have such a difficult time writing anything beyond. I’ll put it away for a time and hope something worthy to follow it comes to me.

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The verse is perfect and says it all…no need for a sonnet when you can nail a sentiment in a few short lines…love the image from your journal – it’s always nice to see how a poet writes 🙂

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Thank you so much for your kind words. I also appreciate your understanding that I was trying to be open about my process, especially when it was not going the way I wanted it to. Hope your week will go well. xo

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You are welcome. We’ve all been there. My pages look like disaster zones sometimes 🙂 Thank you. Blessings to you for a great week ahead 😀 xo

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You’re very kind. Thank you and thank you for noticing what I crossed out. I was concentrating on my latte and didn’t quite apply myself to completing that second verse. You know those days when you want to write and not really think about it? That was the day. xo

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