Acrylic on linen canvas.

Angel kiss dahlia [i] Angel Kiss Dahlia

Gouache on linen canvas

I absent mindedly brought a palette knife to a paintbrush party and here is the result.

glamorous dahlia [ii] Glamorous Dahlia

Muscle memory gets me every time. Thank you for viewing.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thank you so much. It’s rare that I can work quickly and get these results. Even with a sketch, it would still take lots of time. Lunch break, good mood and inspiration are a great combination.

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Thank you so much for supporting this. I appreciate your input. The filter made the dark hues stronger and brought out the lighter ones. It’s amazing and I decided not to do too much after I got the effect I wanted. Best wishes. xo

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Glamorous Dahlia seems lit from behind with golden gels, yet the surface is identical to the first frame. How you do this, and with a hard edge, no less, reveals your gift. You are never limited by concrete restraints. (Not that there would be any of the abstract variety but, were there to be, you would still transcend them)!

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Thank you for looking at my painting. It was great to be inspired and be lost in the process. Digital alterations to amplify the chromatic values helped me convey how I felt about the final result.


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