Acrylic on linen canvas.

Angel kiss dahlia [i] Angel Kiss Dahlia

Gouache on linen canvas

I absent mindedly brought a palette knife to a paintbrush party and here is the result.

glamorous dahlia [ii] Glamorous Dahlia

Muscle memory gets me every time. Thank you for viewing.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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I love that such beauty can be evoked with a springy blade of metal and some fluid hues… They are both delightful, but for me the second is a little richer. It seems as though it is captured in a dim golden light, and there is a warmth to that I like very much.


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I’ve been watching you for a while now, and enjoy your work immensely. It’s a happy bonus we have a mutual admiration for each other’s work. I appreciate that very much. See you around soon. xoxoxo


I love the subtle change of colors in the first one. Maybe the correct word is tone. My color sense is rust and metal colors so. Take that with a grain of salt. The second one I would like to see on a wall without a frame. Beautiful.


Thank you very much for this. The quality of the canvas is excellent; super refined, so it definitely doesn’t need a frame. I will follow your suggestion for that. I am very happy you like the rusted look. xoxoxoxo

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You say “messed up,” I say “meant to be”! Either way creativity is a marvelous talent.
On the other hand, we left hemisphere brain dominated doctors continue to work diligently to master the art of stick figures! 😀


Yeah, Nottingham’s Arboretum has a really long bed of them every year, I had so many pics to choose from for my logo. One thing … ‘awning’ isn’t a word I’m familiar with, perhaps it’s US rather than UK?

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Dave, I’m afraid you are a victim of autocorrect on my iPhone. It tends to mess up my spelling a microsecond after I finish typing a word. I was trying to go through everyone’s comments quickly and didn’t check for the monster. Thank you for catching that.


I love the soft glow of the second one. Even the black background looks warm and inviting. With the first one I got the video camera feeling, and overall it’s a little colder and more mysterious. I love both versions, nice work.

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Gorgeous, I wish I could paint like this and this certainly is gorgeous, wondering what pink would have looked like 🙂 xx

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You are very kind. Thank you for the lovely compliment. The neon pink one is in the works, for sure. I will find out what it looks like when I start working on the larger version of this painting. Wish me luck.

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Aw! you are Kinder, trust me! waiting eagerly and wish you the very best. (Fingers crossed 😉 ) As always, I am sure it will be amazing. xo 🙂

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Happy Friday! But not so fast. I have a gallery exhibition to set up on Saturday afternoon, after work. I am praying that it doesn’t snow too heavily. I do not like hauling bulky framed paintings out of my car in a snowstorm. (Last winter, I’m looking at you).

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