Washing Instructions

Made in China
Gouache on wood panel (processed)

Size: 3 – 4 Y/104

Special thanks go to Garfield Hugs, who posted the actual label, shown below. That photo is super over the top processed so here is a thumbnail of the original.


… and the label from which I got the text.


Keep calm and have a great week. xo


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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I’m really happy you consider me a party; a good time. Sometimes I have to wonder why I repel certain people. It’s like one minute I’m “woooow” and the next minute I’m treated like the bunny boiling queen of Mesopotamia, except I was totally not even saying or doing anything.

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By whom, I’m wondering….? Who would ever have reason, is my question?! I was away from my laptop for six days, then too sick to read or write for five more….in my case, my silence was due to all that. Maybe you were feeling something that wasn’t coming from the source you suspected? I’ve done it…..((oo)) !

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Hmmm, your post has me wondering now, what kind of parent or guardian requires a label instruction to remove child before washing an article of clothing? This is funny and disturbing all at the same time 🙂 However, the artwork is beautiful 🙂

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Thank you so much. I am glad you liked the artwork. It is very simply a wash of colour and I wanted to do something with it besides the filters. The washing instructions came in handy.

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Strange but kinda reminds me of the label on coffee cups that urge the drinker to “be careful, contents are hot”….everything has to be stated in this day and age, including the obvious lol

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Thank you so much. I had the idea on a whim last Sunday night and asked a friend for permission. It was one of those jokes that made my week brighter with spontaneous giggles at the most inappropriate times.

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I am doing very well, thanks to your wonderful comments that I get to read while checking out blogs on WP. I have already survived one major snow storm. I hope you’re having a better time. xoxo


That’s hilarious. I saw some pretty funny signs and messages when I was in China. One was, ‘Be careful while falling into the lake.’ Another was, ‘Go in happinesc, return with satifaction.’ So funny.
Great piece.

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Thanks, Jennifer. I loved the green end of this colour study too. It was a test for how much acrylic wood could absorb without cracking. I slathered on an insane amount for five variations on the same panel and it was flat a week later. The yellow, wet version is up at some point in future. I hope you’ll get to see it.

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Yes, this was not primed. Same as with chocolate moon heart. I have painted on wood after primer but this seemed wild and therefore fun. I made my friends watch the paint dry. Even better.

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