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She pumps the pain
All access hurt
A short seduction
Four nights of mirth
One drunk admission
more blues champagne
his tears are flowing
tonight again

Allure’s a vision
Synapses reign
in love at midnight
aboard a train
That window’s frosted
and winter thrills
to watch them burning
from fiery sills

Love days are over
those times they were
like crescent shadows
where moon deceives
When tears were falling
with autumn leaves
she caught the dew drops
on silken sleeves

She pumps the pain…

+(❆ڼ❆)~  ∗♞͂  ∗ ♞͂ ∗ ✩ ⃛

Access/Allure | SB

Photo credit:
Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig
courtesy H&K/JME Photo  via Telegraph UK


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thank you, Jennifer. I have written and directed stage plays. I have a number of scripts in my archives. You came here near the end of an installation this year in March. And yes, this is meant to be narrated over an instrumental arrangement. It would be nice if I did that for a job. Thank you for your encouragement.

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That is awesome, it just felt like that was your thing. Exciting stuff! You never know maybe a future job somewhere. I worked in theater for a few years after college, scenery stuff. Ive been milling around with an idea for a small one set play, have the beginning and ending but I need the middle part. Ha

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Thank you so much, Somali. I wanted to relate the nonchalance of brushing off another’s emotional vulnerability. But I didn’t want it to sound too harsh. I am glad you appreciate it.

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Beautifully expressed and emotionally moved me. Lovely truths. Love you Sabiscuit and the blessing of how you share your talent. oxox

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Well said, I couldn’t agree more . Do have a look at my page, for I would love to hear an opinion of someone of your caliber. Cheers!

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Thank you so much, Lynn. You’re make a point, it ends by not ending. It’s meant to cycle through the lines randomly and gradually wind down, like a train rushing by. It’s hard to show this in writing but I’m glad you understood what I was aiming for.

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I’m glad you read it that way, thank you. I composed a Euro/trance techno/pop tune in my imagination when writing this. So I can totally understand where the metric compulsion comes from.

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Good evening, Chads! The poem was meant to be hot under the collar and bittersweet. Some hopeless romantics like tears mixed in with their milk tea. Thank you so much for visiting to read. xo

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Thank you so much for reading it. That Lea Seydoux photo was meant for this Access/Allure poem. I’m glad someone did a screen grab with that mirror in the background. Saved my presentation. xo

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