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She pumps the pain
All access hurt
A short seduction
Four nights of mirth
One drunk admission
more blues champagne
his tears are flowing
tonight again

Allure’s a vision
Synapses reign
in love at midnight
aboard a train
That window’s frosted
and winter thrills
to watch them burning
from fiery sills

Love days are over
those times they were
like crescent shadows
where moon deceives
When tears were falling
with autumn leaves
she caught the dew drops
on silken sleeves

She pumps the pain…

+(❆ڼ❆)~  ∗♞͂  ∗ ♞͂ ∗ ✩ ⃛

Access/Allure | SB

Photo credit:
Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig
courtesy H&K/JME Photo  via Telegraph UK


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thanks a lot! I am so glad you like it. It certainly looked like a trailer for a French film in my imagination. I covered my eyes at the “synapses reign in love” part. Promise.

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In the absence of a person, words can bring solace to wounded hearts and soul.May you Keep on writing, you just don’t know how many hearts you have comforted and inspired by your work. And I am one of them. ❤️

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She’s hot. I’m so glad you like this one. I want to act out verse two on a train en route to Montenegro at some point. There, I’ve said it. Universe, hand me the details. xo

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Hello Dark Baron, thank you for dropping by to comment. I’m sorry on behalf of Apple, Inc. for that autocorrect brouhaha just now. I have enjoyed your posts immensely and look forward to more.

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I don’t do poetry. It annoys me for whatever reason and I just plain don’t like it. This. This was different. I felt something. I connected. I love this. Thank you.

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