highly stylised photograph of a woman in blue, titled, the ice queen

I comfort all souls
in the palm of my hand
so more life will flow
from our primitive band

Fifty thousand passengers
all pearls in a clam
Forty thousand citizens
slow rhythm, love jam

Infinite princes
mix beats on this shore
They’re dancing and laughing
and pass plenty more
embracing the night
as prism’s jet hue
then pull straight ahead
and march in this queue

For one drop in an ocean
(That’s when I am with you)
I’ll rise up and greet
this carnal deluge

(´ε` )

Photo credit and special thanks: Butterfly by Aria Appleford.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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When I read good poetry, there is usually one part of the poem that really stands out for me – I look at it as the part of the poem where I experience the poem’s gravity at its most intense. For me, this point was the first stanza. I read this and immediately felt the voice behind the words – this set the tone for the rest of the poem, which I really enjoyed.

With a lot of poetry that I have read – and also the poetry that I tend to write – it seems the gravity usually intensifies toward the poem’s conclusion. This allows the poem to build and gain momentum; which tends to make sense as long as the poem actually moves itself along. What I experienced with this poem was something different … feeling the impact of the opening stanza left my mind open for the rest of the poem to sift itself in. I’m not certain if this was deliberate – although with the writing skill I’ve read in this blog so far, I’d be surprised if it weren’t – but I can say that I found the effect as refreshing as I did unusual.


Thank you very much. I was thinking about mass transportation and how we pass everyone but not really connecting. We don’t even realise how much we miss when we’re in a crowd.


It was pure chance, actually. I found the blog through a different topic and then noticed the graphic in the right corner. You will find the link to Aria’s blog at the end of the poem. She’s a darling and allowed me to borrow it. Thank you for reading. xo


Thank you so much, Gavin. I’m honoured to be mentioned in the same sentence as Pink Floyd. I’m happy you liked that phrase. The moon features a lot in my work in recent days, so that album is an interesting reference. (More moon posts upcoming.)

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