La guapa bandolera

We’re moments from serenity, so join me, let us fight for Love, for real…


In moments of serenity
Habitués, as I recall,
recline in vintage lounges
and sup their timeless treks
The gold flecks in your eyes
define my sacred pledge
Just promise …
you’ll love me if
we ever meet again

We’re moments from serenity
so join me, let us fight
for Love, for real,
uncloaks the darkest knight
Through moon drops let her beam
down rays of silver suns
until our rock’s serene
until all hearts
are won

( ◜◒◝ )♡ ♡〜

Photo credit: Léa Seydoux in Spectre via Standard UK


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thank you, Helen. Your lovely words are encouraging. It took a lot of time to bring this together and I almost gave up on it. In the end, I wanted to embody an ideal and hold it out as a standard. I’m very happy for your response. xo

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Un-freaking believable. Just having finished the final phrase of my latest bit, noticing en route that I had missed your latest TWO, imagine the astonishment to discover a similar theme awaiting. How is this?! And, Dean J Baker, also on my wave form, last entry. What divine presence plays us so?

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Angels at play, I suspect. The second verse hit me like a brick after a week of frustrated attempts. I must see your latest bit. DJB isn’t into me but I’m glad you are. Thank you ever so much.


Thank you so much, Outlaw Neethu. I hope you’re having a great weekend with your knight. As you know, you’re one of my favourite bandoleras. Bandolera means outlaw in Spanish.

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Thank you, H. I am so happy when readers pick up the subtle clues I’ve hidden in my work. You are spot on about Old Europe and of course, about the interchangeable phrasing at the end. Special warm code breaker hugs for you, for the weekend. x

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Thanks so much m. It is a wonderful celebration, foreign for me, too, but my family has put down roots in the United States so I feel closer to the culture. Have a great Thursday.

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