My heart is burnt at half past light
goes dark against the breaking day
My soul is lost as curtains fall
unveiling streets on other sides

Through filtered lens the sky I see
breathes dragon’s fire on heavenly hosts
It’s like the time when Midas touched
The Gorgon’s braid and turned to dust

But on that street is where you’ll go
merits to reap with subtle boasts
I’ve no more time for morning breaks
No blood was shed
That’s how it goes

After the war
on Temple’s ledge
I dare to stand where angels tread
Their love will pierce the purple clouds
under the sun
at break of day


 Art work: Angel Anatomy by Akreon via Deviant Art


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Hmm. I thought of something less judgemental, like finding out what it’s like to see the world (and yourself) from other points of view.

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No blood was shed
That’s how it goes

sounds like it was not so deadly (just a little deadly? half deadly? partially deadly?)

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This is a beautiful piece. I love the image as well. I feel there is too much emphasis in society now on not expressing or feeling what we need to in our ordinary lives. It makes people uncomfortable to see someone sad or angry or down. Take a pill and feel “normal”. But those feelings are still inside, trapped like a boiling water in a pot with a lid that fits too tightly. They are bound to find a way out, so etimes way too explosively. Humanity has always known suffering. It is the nature of its duality. We should mourn when we need to. And rejoice when we have the chance!

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Thank you so much for understanding where I was coming from. I don’t believe in escaping the pain or wallowing in it. Healing needs time but a meaningful process would involve reaching for a positive outcome. I do appreciate your warm sentiments. Best wishes. xo

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You show such depth and meaning in your words. I was glad when I read your response to another reader: You aren’t depressed but were moved to write this. We have had some sad times in the news lately, hard not to be mournful. I have been lately trying to be pensive for the world at large but joyful towards family and blessings. The only way to keep on going. Hope you have a lovely holiday season. Peace, ♡ Robin

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Robin, thank you so much. I wanted to honour the innocent people who have lost their lives. It’s really made my head spin how much discord and strife there is in the world alongside the tremendous amount of LOVE. If someone brings strife to us, lets blast them with LOVE, COMPASSION and BEAUTY. Only a really crazy, desolate soul would fight these wonderful human qualities that can bring happiness.

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I was very sad at the time I wrote that but I’m less frightened of the things that can hurt me. Because when I see them now, from this vantage point, they seem very very small. Thank you for your support. x

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Thank you for your encouragement. I was raised by people who started me reading very early, well above my grade level and outside of any prescribed curriculum. I did not know I could write poetry at all until it came out spontaneously. Music training helps tremendously. I’m happy that this stuff was welded in before I could resist it. Up until recently, all the women in my family were sent to private schools where Latin and other languages were spoken. So, it’s an unfair advantage.

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Ideally everyone should be school in the classics, its a fantastic grounding, the focus in my upbringing was Judaeo/Christian, which is fine and so on, but not half so much fun as the Ancient Greeks! Not to mention the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Sumerians, Romans and so on, Oh, the Celts! And the Picts! I could have spent my entire schooling on those, it would have been enthralling! 🙂 I’m not interested in anything else! Well, I exaggerate, and fancy a bit of what I don’t have perhaps I’d be craving Christianity if I’d never had any, but instead, its practically all we got – I’m sure they wanted “a flexible workforce” as much then as they do now!

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Actually, it was no one special, I found out in the end, but that’s how it works when you realise someone sees friendship, loyalty and trust as tools and not gifts. I decided not to publish the poem for that person. When the Paris and Beirut attacks took place, I felt it was a fitting tribute for people who risked their lives to save a friend. Loyalty and sacrifice, to me, make a friendship real. If you have a friend like that, show your appreciation for that person with all your heart.

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We are all affected by attacks.
Some take pride in the havoc and fear.
Others fear and quake and capitulate
Angels of all sorts unfurl their wings to fight

Please when you tread, don’t litter. We Angels of the Arch variety prefer not to use our swords to pick up litter.

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Alex, I understand you. Many people are feeling the same way. There were so many emotions I went through trying to comprehend it. I’m still feeling sorrow but not anger. Anger is giving in. Compassion for the people around us, and the respect for life is the way to fight back.


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