One Bright Day, at the Office

Romance in the stone
[Romance in the stone]

Hello and welcome. We are in the private office of a friend. She is out of town all week so make as much noise as you want. I borrowed the key because she said I could capture a few of her office mates for this story.


[Looking out]

velvet flower with stuffed teddy bear
[Flower bear]

Her office decor resembles a zoo in a botanical garden. In winter, the humidifier stays on at full blast and it gets foggy in here. There are creatures of all sizes waiting to meet you. Please watch your step.


[Going somewhere, ladies?]

Sapphire cat
[Sapphire cat]


Open heart
[Open heart]

That is not mine
[“That’s not mine!”]


Office mates
[Office mates]

That’s all for the tour, my friends. I hope you’re not too exhausted from running around in here. Thank you for visiting and have a great week.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thank you so much for commenting. It is a nurse’s office. I did super closeups to avoid compromising anything personally identifying but yes, it’s a greenhouse with stuffed animals in it. I’m really glad you like it. x


They look like that. They’re back this week. I try to wear more mascara when they visit but I am not sure if it works. Must try La Perla assisted cleavage (I need all the help I can get).

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You’re welcome, Emma. I’m happy I could do this. Good luck over there. (I read that P finally came to his senses.) “Like sand through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.” I’m going to need snacks to catch the next update. Enjoy your Sunday. x

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LMAO! It really is a goddamn soap opera/circus isn’t it? Sooo glad it’s not mine though!!! But definitely not boring huh? I have more to tell but as I hope to not hear from him til he’s out, I won’t have any news from the circus for a few weeks. I will just have to curb my natural curiosity (nosiness) lol. Have a great day 🙂

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Wow! You say she’s a nurse? The level of soft-heartedness displayed in her collection doesn’t surprise me. Nurses are some of the finest, most caring people on the planet. She looks fun based on your pics. 🙂

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She’s wonderful at her job, incredibly busy and seriously warm hearted. The figurines and stuffed toys were gifts from her young patients. She didn’t have anywhere to put everything. So she decorated the office space with them. Thanks for your kind words. I’ll let her know. x

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Thanks for that. I’ll ask her tomorrow. She’s not expecting the shots to look like this so I can just imagine her reaction. She’s going to say she’s happy to have you. And because she’s nurse, you’ll be trusted around patient records. x

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“Romance in the stone” – very punny! I like The Auditors. So, with puns and owls in mind:

I told my pet owl that I’d just got engaged to be married. She said ‘you twit to who?’

[I’ll get my coat.]

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I must admit I have a strange and soggy love of small creatures like this and house a number of them including ducks, of course, two penguins and one or two curious creatures who have not yet admitted their species to me. Needless to say I loved your photographs and am very pleased to see I am not the only person with such a menagerie

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Thank you, Peter. This is lovely to know. I wondered, as I photographed this menagerie, whether men readers would enjoy it. I decided to keep an open mind and here is my answer. I’m very happy. I’ll let my friend know about your response. She’ll be overjoyed as well.


Wow, really – really Great Photos! Love those! I myself use an office daily, the peeps in there are so homely and sweet, it seems they have their counterpart over there, how extraordinary, normal folk are just so very lovely they are the ones that make it all worthwhile – great title for your post too 🙂 XXX

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