Red swirls with the wind

Same skirt, mid swirl(i) Morse code

Hello. It is All Souls’ Day and in that spirit, I wanted to share something from a recent gallery visit. This installation reminds me of a flamenco dancer’s skirt mid flight.

Same skirt, mid swirl, with ceiling plugs showing
(ii) Plugs in the ceiling

At some point later that afternoon, I snapped out of a hypnotic trance to find myself pressing the shutter over and over again.

Red skirt swirling from the ceiling
(iii) Swirls with the wind

Thank you for visiting. The photos were from a Swiss Embassy sponsored art installation, “Form Follows Emotïon” presented by…




Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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It reminds me of being on a merry go round and going so fast that everything seem like a blur.


I like the delicacy of that. It could be a commentary on transience but it could also be a criticism of our fragility as a species. The things that sustain us are breakable and easily spoiled. x

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Also reminds me of Whirling Dervishes – I wonder if there was a connection? Way back when the Moors were in Spain, often seems to me the Flamenco singing has traces of Arabic vocals. We had a holiday in Granada Spain a decade ago, wonderful dancing and singing – and such deep emotion in it too 🙂

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I’m sure there were some dervishes, or references to the dance style in that Turkish Opera scene in Amadeus. (I love YouTubers.) Thanks for adding your thoughts. I’m glad you also love flamenco. I agree that the emotion is powerful and I’m some cases overwhelming. From a recording you don’t get that much but in a live session? Wow.

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Oh yes, so true! We went and saw a live performance, the guy on the guitar was amazing, and then the guy who sang, it was just incredible, straight out of the desert, songs of loss and hardship mostly, there was dancing too, tho not that much. I’d have liked to have gone up to the caves – I don’t know if its the best place to see it, but I’m sure it would be worth the trip!

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Thank you so much. I love flamenco. I’m fortunate to live in a city that supports the performing arts. Everyone visits from everywhere. That will tide me over, until I get to breathe that authentic air.

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I laughed out loud right now reading this. Thank you and happy All Souls’ Day. A friend and I were discussing how to make a small version using only items from the dollar store. We’re still working out the technical details but it should be all right.

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Thank you for helping me find my birth parents, Daniel. I’ve been searching for them my entire life. I admire their purity of purpose and their sense of adventure. I did not see a $100,000,000 fish bone anywhere, though I applaud anyone who can sell art. I’m happy they could raise cash to fund their projects. Having said that, I want to be more like mummy and daddy. My parents are awesome. I had an idea for an installation of umbrellas. I was not sure it would work but I feel confident now. I just have to wait for it to rain again so I can borrow some.

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My mind is a warehouse ( some people might use a more derogatory term ) of obscure, arcane, left – of – center facts, factoids, factlets. THIS is why my meat – ‘n – potatoes WASP Bible – Belt conservative relatives ( I love ’em anyway ) don’t really get me.

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I’ll do a mind wrap for you then. Or I could wrap you in meat ‘n patooties. Or I could cling wrap you and cover you with broccoli. You know what? I’ve just had an incredible offline idea related not related to this wrapping thing. Thanks. xo

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Hello William. The really pretty ones come out when it rains. So, I simply need to open them up on a platform and photograph them from the window directly above. Then it them back. It’s a lot of umbrellas. I have it all planned out.

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You could let it dominate the space. The holes in it would not let you feel too cramped if you decided to camp out in it. You could decorate it with marshmallows, or roast them in the microwave. x

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