La guapa bandolera


In moments of serenity
Habitués, as I recall,
recline in vintage lounges
and sup their timeless treks
The gold flecks in your eyes
define my sacred pledge
Just promise …
you’ll love me if
we ever meet again

We’re moments from serenity
so join me, let us fight
for Love, for real,
uncloaks the darkest knight
Through moon drops let her beam
down rays of silver suns
until our rock’s serene
until all hearts
are won

( ◜◒◝ )♡ ♡〜

Photo credit: Léa Seydoux in Spectre via Standard UK



My heart is burnt at half past light
goes dark against the breaking day
My soul is lost as curtains fall
unveiling streets on other sides

Through filtered lens the sky I see
breathes dragon’s fire on heavenly hosts
It’s like the time when Midas touched
The Gorgon’s braid and turned to dust

But on that street is where you’ll go
merits to reap with subtle boasts
I’ve no more time for morning breaks
No blood was shed
That’s how it goes

After the war
on Temple’s ledge
I dare to stand where angels tread
Their love will pierce the purple clouds
under the sun
at break of day


 Art work: Angel Anatomy by Akreon via Deviant Art

art fiction

Alas, dear Quoter…

..alas, dear quoter, collage with printed text, framed in modern
[i] Modern


Text on glossy magazine pages

This is a feedback friendly post, so thank you for your comments.

“Verily I testify, thy violent and wonky misdeed didst wend its way across my tablet. It popped in as I got dressed (as Keith Richards) for the All Hallows’ Eve feast at Hampton Court. The quote you’re after is, “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. Yet fools will rush to her door like flies.”

Last month, I was surprised to see the painting below. That’s because a year ago, I’d printed out public domain images of an original Shakespeare manuscript to create guest book pages.

art on literature “Illustrated Macbeth” by Hideshi Koshisawa

Visitors to an art exhibition experienced an interactive meta installation by writing comments and notes over the text. It was an experiment, so the pages were destroyed when the exhibition ended.

I think Koshisawa was brave to paint on the pages of an early edition French literature text.  (I don’t remember the title but you can ask him). I would ruin a whole book before getting anything done.

With this collage, I wanted a feel for Koshisawa’s process, in reverse. The fictional note was printed on three glossy magazine pages. To create the overlay, I trimmed the images with scissors, cut out and glued image over image, text over text.

alas, dear quoter, collage with printed text, framed in old timey matte
[ii] Old timey matte

The lower section was filled in with tape and parts of pages. These lifted the dark tones and highlighted the red building in the background. Finally, I photographed the collage, and processed the image with filters and frames. All done.

Thank you for weighing in. Have a great Wednesday. xo


One Bright Day, at the Office

Romance in the stone
[Romance in the stone]

Hello and welcome. We are in the private office of a friend. She is out of town all week so make as much noise as you want. I borrowed the key because she said I could capture a few of her office mates for this story.


[Looking out]

velvet flower with stuffed teddy bear
[Flower bear]

Her office decor resembles a zoo in a botanical garden. In winter, the humidifier stays on at full blast and it gets foggy in here. There are creatures of all sizes waiting to meet you. Please watch your step.


[Going somewhere, ladies?]

Sapphire cat
[Sapphire cat]


Open heart
[Open heart]

That is not mine
[“That’s not mine!”]


Office mates
[Office mates]

That’s all for the tour, my friends. I hope you’re not too exhausted from running around in here. Thank you for visiting and have a great week.


Red swirls with the wind

Same skirt, mid swirl(i) Morse code

Hello. It is All Souls’ Day and in that spirit, I wanted to share something from a recent gallery visit. This installation reminds me of a flamenco dancer’s skirt mid flight.

Same skirt, mid swirl, with ceiling plugs showing
(ii) Plugs in the ceiling

At some point later that afternoon, I snapped out of a hypnotic trance to find myself pressing the shutter over and over again.

Red skirt swirling from the ceiling
(iii) Swirls with the wind

Thank you for visiting. The photos were from a Swiss Embassy sponsored art installation, “Form Follows Emotïon” presented by…