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Foggy ones, near Lonavala

train track, curved, photographed from moving train

Hello everyone, I invited Trablogger of Pho|Trablogger, in couch surfing tradition, to guest post excerpts of a photo essay of his journey, by train, from Bangalore to Mumbai.  You can find the full story, with lots of people watching photos, on his blog, Pho|Trablogger.


track2, the side of the train, traveling around a curveThe foggy ones were captured near Lonavala.


track3, dense white fog is seen to the left side of the photo, green shrubbery is on the groundIt was such a beautiful morning for anyone to start a journey.


track4, the side of the train, traveling around a curve, a green sign is seen in the bushes opposite the trainThings were happening quite normally all around and I started my S10 journey that morning. But I got bored of doing nothing.


track5, dense white fog is seen to the left side of the photo, green shrubbery is on the ground and a triangular sign with 30 is on the ground
While others had gadgets, I had my camera and I started observing people.


track6, a man in a pink shirt is leaning out of the train and taking a photo; the train has stopped and is taking on new passengersI found interesting things to capture. I found legs all around in that crowd. But no one cared about them.


track7, the train is travelling around a bend and you can see a brick pavement
Then someone said ‘check out hands too’ and I saw one untangling something.


track8, lush greenery is seen opposite the train, from the side, the sign, S10 is seen

Out of these contrasts, within a small space, someone said, “everything is going to be alright.”


track9, some bush is seen opposite the train, from the sideWith that assurance, my S10 journey continued through the beautiful and surreal landscapes of India…


track10, lush greenery is seen opposite the train, from the side, the sign, S10 is seen…with lush greenery all around.


+(*._.~) [>>> …

Foggy ones, near Lonavala x Trablogger
“Let’s go for a photo walk”
Trablogger is on Twitter @jiths and Instagram @trablog
Photographs copyright Trablogger. All Rights Reserved.


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This post made me want to cry.

“It was such a beautiful morning for anyone to start a journey.”

But… beautiful mornings are perfect for starting journeys!

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They are. I enjoy long journeys in limousine buses on rainy days because they’re comfortable and insulating and I can drift off to sleep. Thank you for your comment. I swooned when I saw these.

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I love these photos! There ‘s something about it that makes me desire for more! I also love traveling by train, especially early morning. It’s so peaceful! 🙂

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I couldn’t agree more! And this is weird but, there’s something about the noise that comes from the train that makes me feel safe. 😀

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Beautiful! Sabiscuit, these photos gave me chills. I’ve use examples of being in a thick fog to describe what it’s like when a person has limited vision and these pictures accurately capture the feeling of only being able to see only what’s immediately in front of you. The blurriness and the suffocating feeling of entrapment is almost overwhelming but then once you settle down and trust just one step at a time you can still enjoy the beauty within the parameters in which you are encircled, if that makes sense. These pictures reminded me of a trip I took years ago with my husband and two kids. We hit an extremely dense fog in the mountains. It seemed like we would never drive out of it and I recall almost hyperventilating because I felt so consumed by the fog and powerless to make it end.

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This is a perspective on fog I’ve never heard before. I will try to bear that in mind when interacting with anyone who is visually impaired. Find their field of vision and ascertain comfort zones. This has been a welcome reminder.

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I’ve had people tell me that this helps them to understand what the loss of sight could be like. It’s not this way for everyone but a number of my friends who’ve lost vision use the a similar example to give people a point of reference. Others have sharp clarity but may have spots within their field of vision that impacts day to day living. What I find interesting aside from how the brain makes all of this work is the human adaptability.

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Hey Sabiscuit, on a separate topic, I wanted to let you know that Jennifer will be designing my new and improved logo. She sounds almost excited as I am to create an icon of a blind woman on the move. Thanks again for the recommendation!!

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Good stuff!

One of my best memories is of travelling across Canada by train. I wish that I had photographed that experience. I’ve told my wife a number of times that we’re going to have to do that one of these days.

Antonia of Divage has made a couple photo essays of her railway excursions in Sweden that you might like:

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You should see the original version. It’s hilarious when you see the toes sticking out. I hadn’t done a guest blog in ages and this was definitely the one. Thanks so much for your support, Carisa. x

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Right, it’s that chugging along at a nonchalant pace, with no care in the world that makes me feel so at ease. Thank you so much for commenting. Trablogger is a talented shutterbug as you can see. You two would get along great! x

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We took a train through Glacier National Park years ago. I love being able to see scenery that you’d not be able to view from a car, or even hiking. The observation car was unbelievable! We’ve talked about taking the boys via train for our next trip to New Orleans. I think they’d absolutely love it.

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Hello! No problem. You know how much I love your work. The wait was nerve wracking but I knew it would be worth it. I’m digging the title, too. I’m a foggy one today. x

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So chilly and foggy.. 😍Have experienced a similar scene once encounter to Bombay from Bangalore.. I guess as it was nearing khanadala..reminded me of that.. Great shots of the train.. 👍👌👌😊😊😊

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Neede, thanks for commenting. Trablogger will be very happy to read your comment. I haven’t seen anything quite this romantic on train rides. I hope you’re having a great Thursday. x

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