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Tasting the boundaries

 (i) Decorated ceiling.

My palate does not have many boundaries. Like most of you, I love tasting food from around the world. While waiting for my meal, I made a list of obvious boundaries. My first thought was that they protect us. When I noticed the ceiling, I realised I was sitting in the story.

 (ii) Beer translates well across borders.

My friend popped over to say hello. I know that some readers like beer, so I asked for a photo, keeping her face out of frame. Privacy rights are conceptual boundaries that are sometimes crossed when photos are shared. My friend liked this photo and gave me permission to share it.

 (iii) Cheese bibinba in a hot stone bowl.

My meal arrived and I steadied the edge of the heated stone bowl. I mixed the toppings with the brown rice underneath to cook up a taste sensation. You can just see the cheese melting.

 (iv) Stone bowl.

Later, I had some Korean pancake made with mochi rice. The edges were nice and crisp.

 (v) Korean pancake.

I hope you can enjoy some crispy, edgy food this week. Until next time, be well.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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hahahaha looks great! I just had a bibimbap this afternoon. I could hear the sizzling when I received it, one thing I like about Korean food hahaha. Where’s your friends restaurant? I am currently in Korea and have been looking for good places to eat!

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OK. Done. My wife and I are about 50, and we have gotten to the part of our lives where we’ve decided to travel and travel and travel. The children have grown; we are on our own.

Where is this place again?

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I’m discreet about my location, because there are several. Otherwise, my blog becomes gimmicky when readers expect a certain kind of post. Having said that, I think you’d enjoy Korean food in California or even the Philippines. And if you haven’t been to Cambodia or Malaysia, I suggest these as the first stops for amazing taste sensations. If you want everything along one strip, I suggest Gold Coast, Australia. (Assuming you’ve not verb there yet.)

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“Beer translates well across borders.”


“Privacy rights are conceptual boundaries.”

Fuck rights.

Fuck tights.

Oh, typo!



IG is gorgeous but I have limited time for multiple social media connections. Otherwise, I will have to think of things to upload to it. (Thinking is dangerous and rind consuming.)

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