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Make a tissue box cover with a handkerchief

This time round, I combine the concept of grids with something practical anyone can try. I have grown to like plaids and check fabrics. Today is Monday and I’ve included a selection of my mundane stuff.

Set of handkerchiefs in check patterns from Burberry, Kitson and Vivienne Westwood, along with other items, photographed outdoors

Below, you will see two tissue covers, three of my favourite handkerchiefs and a mini hand towel. Later, you’ll see a green and white mini tote for a lunch container.

One tissue cover, open

I have a terrible cold and, over the weekend, consumed a whole box of lotion tissues. I cover tissues in two ways. The easier way is to remove the tissues from the boxes and place them inside one of two flat covers.

A large multipurpose wrapping cloth in red and white check, open, with the tissue box on top

The other way is to use a handkerchief or square of cloth to cover the box. It takes less than a minute. This box is oversized, so I used a multipurpose wrapping cloth. I have two in this red and white check. The other one wraps a different lunch container.

Cloth ends are tied up at one end of the box Drop the box in the middle, fold up and adjust as you work.

Knot tied at one end of the boxAlmost done, but I crush down the top ends of the box to give the cloth more room to move. Tie and tuck the ends.

The box is completely wrapped, with the box ends crushed down to make room for the cloth to fit overFinished. That didn’t take long. Remember to crush the box ends if you need more room to work. (Miss Vivienne looks pleased.)

Thank you for viewing. I hope you’ll like covering your tissues.


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thanks for visiting my post. The hankies weren’t cheap at all so I used less pricey ones. My current box at the office is covered in satin. I bet Tay Tay would be jealous. 🌺💚💐❤️


Funny. English is not my native language. Portuguese is. I did not know the word “teak”.

Here is the etymology: “Etymology: Portuguese teca, from Malayalam tēkka
Date: 1698 “

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Thanks so much, mGm. My skin didn’t totally dry out, and I’m happy about that. I’m over the worst of it. I normally don’t catch cold so it’s a warning that I need to rest more, have more vitamin C and relish my favourite curries. x

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Thanks, Janice. I’m happy to have you. Jacqui’s a lovely reader and has always been so supportive of me. I went back to see how many readers had read that story of hers and saw you. x

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Thank you very much for this. I care about these things because the tiny gifts that we offer ourselves lift our spirits the most. Incidentally, I notice that your blog hasn’t been updated since August 24, when you did the post about mangoes. Is this the only one you author? Just checking, in case I’m missing out. x

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What a wonderful point you make, and so true that “the tiny gifts that we offer ourselves lift our spirits the most.”
You are so wonderfully sweet and kind, it has indeed been awhile since I posted. I am both surprised and my cheeks feel red with bashfulness that anyone noticed. Peace.

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You’re incredibly kind and thank uou for making my day. Believe it or not, my car has a chorus of backup stilettos (a woman has to be prepared). That’s as versatile as I get. Otherwise, I hand my car to competent others for refuelling, cleaning, tuning or inspection. See? Normal. Have a great Monday evening. x

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Just so creative in covering the tissue box, i never thought of it at first place but it seems to be fun and quite decorative 🙂 Am thinking what else your “grid” could add up for me… 😀
Anyways my friend, please get well soon 🙂

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Thank you. My grid brain is resting at the moment. I was surprised at how much I’d given over to plaid. It’s everywhere. Thanks again for your warm greeting and I hope to read more from you soon. x

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Thanks, I appreciate the invitation and the wonderful opportunity. I was sick in bed all Sunday. I’d thought of springing back to life to do the grid challenge but looking at my tissue box gave me this idea. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday. x

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Um, I actually didn’t know covering tissues was a thing…I feel enlightened. 🙂 Covering toilet rolls, now that’s another matter. I still remember my grandma’s toilet roll cover featuring half a Barbie and a skirt crocheted in puce wool. Weird. I always wondered what had happened to her legs…

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Stop, Rebecca, I’m still sick, I can’t laugh so hard. I can’t hear myself. No, really? I love your grandmother. I think Barbie’s thin enough to get down through a whole roll. Extra stable. Wrapping stuff in cloth is a thing. I thought it was a worldwide thing but maybe only on my planet. Thanks for cheering me up, Becca. x

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