Marina (I like the same boat)

Melsaka, a smart yellow boat, docked [i] Parked, at the marina. Do you like yellow?

o  o O

Two styrofoam fenders to protect the boat from damage [ii] Fenders (filtered). I almost fell in.

o  o O

Lucia, black boat, viewed from the back, with a view of the dock [iii] Miss Lucia. The temptress.

o o O

Yellow boat, again, with a view of the dock [iv] Deck view.

o o O

Closer close up to adjoining boat, with a large metal protrusion that looks like a diaper pin [v] Bobby pin.

o o O

+~__~`_ …..

I played with the word “monochrome” and translated it to “one thing” and “chrome stuff.” These photos were taken in July, August and September from a favourite hangout spot. I focused on one boat, because of her pretty colour. It was windy and overcast after I arrived this afternoon, so I had some fun with filters. And just so you know, the boat owners are as cool as their vessels.

Sail back soon x SB


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Thanks so much for your kind words. I had totally forgotten about these marina photos. I actually logged in to do a bit of browsing through some of my work. My blog is hibernating at the moment but I am still around here. Keep up the good work!!!


How are you, my dearest Julie. I imagine the world is a much better place after all your hard work. A Kardashian has been dethroned. Thanks for working your magic. One down, 15 to go (there are lots of them). x

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Lol, you just made me, really laugh out loud, & my mother thought I was having an; eccentric moment…..I have a few little effigies all made up for the other 15, but; that’s our secret….I’m very well, poppet, and you? xx ❤

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I’m doing better after a monster cold. I rested a lot and now I’m rearing to go ahead to do my night owl duties at the book shop. Books and magazines are waiting to be browsed. I’m promised to be off coffee, but I’m gagging for a white chocolate mocha latte. (Gags). Say hello to Mom for me.

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Yes, I like yellow 🙂 There is something so calming about a marina – hearing the gentle rocking of the boats even as they are secured in place. You must enjoy hanging out there.

And, nice bobby pin!

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