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She says, “i is for iWitch”

Macbeth 06

Witch 2 (cackling)
By the twerking of my humps, something wicked this way clomps.

Enter Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth
I heard that. Go and tickle a newt’s fig.

Macbeth (clearing his throat)
Thank you … for seeing us this evening. The Lady and I are planning to adopt a baby.

Lady Macbeth
We want to know if the child we choose can continue our legacy for the world to inherit.

Witch 1 (looking into a large crystal ball)
Soon is the hour and six is the time. Tunes ring out of an apple fashioned from glass.

Witch 2 is waving two selenite wands

Witch 3 (eyes closed and waving a burning sage stick)
Twin sons arise on his tempestuous hearth. Their boisterous beginnings lose speed at the seventh hour, when dark scripts spew from his Amazon’s plate.

Witch 1 (still peering into the crystal ball)
Gently, he coaxes the spirits and they chant to heighten his mood.

Macbeth (smiling broadly)
He is a fierce warrior who controls spirits effortlessly! How many of the spirits are at his command?

Witch 1 (still looking into a large crystal ball)
Their names scroll seamlessly without end.

Witch 2 (casting nine large runic tiles on the floor)
The runes show me an icy cube, a public enemy, the number one, and a young boy who says, “never broken again”. And … this rune says, “Future”. This spirit becomes flesh, and sires numerous offspring among unwed women.

Lady Macbeth (shudders and shrieks)
An abomination! What else do you see in there?! Won’t the people turn on him for using dark magic?

Witch 1
Through his glass apple, people of many nations ask for direction. Then, they all sweetly obey Sir’s will.

Witch 3
So you may, at peace, be still.

(w -__-)w

She says, “i is for iWitch” (edited).  Photo credit: Lady Macbeth and the Three Witches by Garry Knight via Flickr. Originally published on September 8, 2015. 

~ Keep calm and Happy Halloween ~


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You’re incredibly sweet. Thank you so much. I think we would have lots of cackles by candlelight. His handwriting is much more legible than mine is. I hope your Saturday is going great. xoxoxo

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