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Sorry, we’re getting close…Way out?

“If you ever get close to a human,” sang Björk, “be ready, be ready to get confused. ” (Human Behaviour, Debut1993). You may have experienced or instigated a “sorry we’re getting close, please show me the way out” situation before.

[i] Sorry, we’re close. Way out?

It happened to me after a game of “SB, please don’t reject me.” I hid clues in plain sight. Soon enough, I noticed the scramble for a way out. But I kept calm and pointed to the door.

You see, my plan all along was to convert the vanishing points into refined sugar.  In the spirit of the game, I first looked longingly at the kiwi fruit panna cotta.

 [ii] Kiwi fruit panna cotta

While trying to make up my mind, I ordered an affogato. If you’ve never tried it, I should warn you, the middle section is a double espresso and will keep you awake for exactly 72 hours. (I have already stopped drinking coffee.)

[iii] Affogato, tiramisu and raspberry/cranberry panna cotta

A cranberry with raspberry panna cotta and tiramisu completed the set. My dessert is gluten free but I did not forget you, my biscuit eating friends.

[iv] Biscuit

That biscuit did not waffle. Please devour slowly with your eyes. The sugar crystals in the dessert salute your excess.

[v] Bon appétit!

Have a yummy xoxoxoxo bonbon time!
x SB


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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This post is food for the body and soul. The best of both worlds! Thanks for sharing SB! And you are not alone about gluten sensitivity. I also have a ton of food allergies, my mother once said if only I can return you to my womb. I was suffering that much at one point. But I learned to adjust and take care of myself better these days. Hope you are feeling better by now.

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Suffering is horrible, Elsbeth. I’m sorry to hear that. Socially, the price I pay is that people just find it a burden to think too much about what they’re eating. Socialising alone or with the chefs directly is the alternative. In terms of privacy, at times you feel like you must offer yourself for inspection before taking a bite.


You expressed it right on, not everyone can relate about the suffering people with food sensitivities or allergies go through. When people asks me where I do my groceries and when I reply whole foods or Publix green wise I get a comment that it must be very expensive. I’d rather eat the right food and enjoy it than being sick and ended up in a hospital bed. Being conscious of what you eat or your diet is a choice not only for people like us. It is for everyone.

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On the way out, one must make sure to bump into the furniture and knock down a couple of randomly picked decorative pieces, as it properly adds to the awkwardness.

Oh I’ve been there on so many occasions, always on the wrong side of it, whichever one it is at the time.

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Ooh. . .. . .!
Temptation is a very terrible thing, especially when it stares you in the face and you can imagine the sumptuous taste and would love to revel in these super desserts!
Hope your day has been good!
Best wishes.

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I loved the look of these desserts, but being a diabetic I had to deny the tempting allure they instilled in me if only for long enough to remember that I can only look.
The food allergies and intolerances started for me with milk at age six month’s old.
Struggled ever since!
Lovely sight and good to find someone who knows the plight of allergies and food intolerances, although I empathise with you!
Best wishes.


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