[i]  Closed for breakfast.

[ii] Closed for lunch.

Closed doors tell me that if I turn around, I can start over right there.
 x SB


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

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Hello Nadia, it is so sweet of you to notice. The post is part meta, part provocative.

I’m silently campaigning for world peace. Not that anyone cares, nor should they.

I was at a planning meeting today (regional fine arts committee) and we discussed how to prevent incidents of vandalism. Someone once scribbled, “This is gross,” on a note card for a fellow artist. I thought, “Wow, I have experience with this personality type.” That kind of feedback is unhelpful to the artist and reflects poorly on the scribbler.

There is some new art on a page via the menu bar:”Rouge/Goth.” Actually, I take that back. It is a stick drawing/cave painting. Can you see it? xo

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I wish more people would care. We need caring right now rather than all the ugliness that is being slung about. Like the comment you referred to. If there’s legitimate criticism, that can help someone grow. “Gross” does nothing thing but insult.
I hope you’ll re-emerge soon.

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Thanks, Nadia. It is weird how these people communicate in non sequiturs, which we tolerate because the end of the day, there’s no harm in randomness. For me, freedom of speech is meant to buffet against would-be oppressors. An intolerant attitude towards things that we don’t “get” (and which are harmless in the grand scheme) is oppression.

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Thank you for seeing that. It was interesting how smart my camera was, because I was looking inside the shop and the autofocus spotted the back window. I love my camera. I will marry it.

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I’m pretty sure that Hump Day was proven by The Center for Molecular Neuroscience. Then again, I may have had one too many mojitos on humpday and imagined it. Either way, lovely photos!

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So hump day exists?
Wow, there is day for everything these days – can’t keep up.
Happy hump day to you too 😉

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