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She’ll do anything for emoji
Each tap of phrase, a shameless chase
His sweet reply, her saving grace
Cracks a smile at the fine glass ceiling;
one goal she’s had with textual healing

Cast far and wide, Explorer Class
Heat seeking thrills, two types shall pass
and once you’re in, you’ll see her face
unCatholic in blank disgrace
Now steaming live, let’s start the show
(It’s this marquee just so you know)

Lap dances with Calypso
in floral closets 
on wine soaked Sundays 
after noon


Life is short, so let’s be decent.

32 replies on “Moby”

God, HB. You make me feel so much better about myself. When any of my desperately underdressed convenience store fed expatriate colleagues accuses me of being pretentious, I will whip out this comment. Thank you!

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Oh, I haven’t skipped over them! I’ve gone straight to the wine so that I may enjoy the lap dances more. 😀

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I’m just amazed by how brilliant you are. Calypso will go for that.
🍹🍷🍸🍸 Two martinis just because. Mine’s always a chocolate vodka + three olives by the way.

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I’ll make sure to remember that. 🙂 My drink of choice in the summer is a mojito. Poolside mojito’s with an acoustic guitar = bliss. And the lapdance.

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